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Dynamic Discs Gets In On The Mannequin Challenge Trend

The Mannequin Challenge is the latest in a long line of viral trends to sweep across the internet, and Kansas-based manufacturer Dynamic Discs got in on the fun with their own take on the phenomenon:

Dynamic Discs Mannequin Challenge Video

Dynamic Discs Media Manager Bobby Brown gave us the lowdown on the video, which he says required only one take to produce.

“No lie,” Brown said. “We met and talked about it, assigned the different scenarios. Did a dry run through where I talked everyone through how I’d be walking around, then we filmed it with an iPhone 7 Plus on a Gimbal [smartphone stabilizer] once. I watched it and was blown away at the results. We ordered pizza for everyone and it took me about an hour to edit.”

Yes, the Eric McCabe putter was being held aloft by fishing line, Brown said. As for who had the toughest time standing still?

"The guy toward the end because he had a box balancing on his head," Brown said. "Which was a last minute decision by those guys."

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