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End of game mini-gift suggestions

When watching international games, I frequently see one team give the MVP or most spirited player(s) from the other team a little gift after the huddle/spirit circle. I’ve seen beverages, arm sleeves, chocolate bars or other snacks provided.
I’m looking for suggestions for inexpensive prizes to provide during league games or hat tournaments.
Have you seen anything particularly awesome provided during games that you have played?

My high school team will give the game disc signed by our team and coaches to one of the players on the other team. We do the same thing you mentioned, we have a spirit circle and give it to the MVP/most spirited player.

Most teams at the high school level don’t do it after every game, but I’ve seen a good number of teams do this in tournaments with food or arm sleeves.

At the pro/club level jersey swaps are pretty common as well. Either way, no matter what you do just acknowledging a team that played hard and spirited is a really good idea that I think teams need to pick up on. It encourages good SOG and at the end of the day, it helps remind people that they’re to have fun which can sometimes be forgotten in high stakes games.

I’ve seen three fun examples:
1 - Discraft mini-star discs decorated in puffy paint
2 - Old childhood trophies from various sports with the description plate removed and “Sprirt Winner - Tournament X” written in.
3 - Lap dances. If you ever play against strip club (Triangle area, NC)…buckle up.

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