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Ethics Of Filming Ultimate

Wanted to generate some conversation regarding Ultiworld’s film coverage. I have some questions that don’t necessarily have right answers but I think it is worth having a discussion about.

Some questions:

Does Ultiworld currently grant film access to filmed teams of those games in which they played? If not, should they?

Most elite club teams (and I imagine elite college teams) film their games. Does this somehow change the conversation?

If film is granted to participating teams, should that include Nationals?

Is Akshat different since he makes his revenue from (I believe) sponsorship and youtube ad dollars?

Who “owns the rights” to filming teams? USAU? Tournament Directors? The teams themselves?

Can and should teams be able to request not to be filmed?

Feel free to answer any or all of these questions.

I like these questions a lot. Mostly commenting to stay updated with the thread, but also I think that Ultiworld should give the teams they film the footage they have, though I don’t know the ins and outs of film ownership rights.

If they don’t give film access to teams they filmed, ethically I believe they should. But they likely don’t legally have to and I doubt them not doing so is going to change any reader choose to not read them, so from a business standpoint they probably shouldn’t.

As to who owns the rights? As long as it’s in a public park where anyone can come and watch I’d argue any video is owned by whoever records the video. Teams have no right to request not to be filmed as long as they can’t also request people not be able to watch them play.