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Injury Call - where does play resume from

We had a game the other night and we had an injury call but could not decide where to resume play from

Here is what happened:

Thrower has disc in hand - Injury call was made upfield BEFORE throw was made - Thrower did not hear the call and proceeded to throw the disc to his receiver - received caught the disc.

My take was that because the call was made before the disc was thrown the disc returns to thrower and play resumes from there.

Rule 19 - explains that if the call is made while disc is in the air and caught by the receiver play resumes from receiver. but it does not make mention when the call was made before the throw.

Please help with clarification

Kind regards

8.1.3: [The disc is dead, and no turnover is possible:] After a call which stops the play or any other stoppage, until the disc is checked in.

Since the call makes the disc dead, the thrower cannot subsequently make a legal pass [8.3] and the disc should return to him (similar to [10.6]).

This is slightly more explicit under USAU rules:

VI.C.2: The time-out is retroactive to the time of the injury, unless the injured player chooses to continue play before the time-out is called, in which case, the time-out begins at the time of the call. If the disc is in the air or the thrower is in the act of throwing at the time of the injury or of the call when the player has continued play, the time-out begins when the play is completed.

I was about to post Section VI.C.2, too! I agree with gbrell. The disc should return to the thrower and all players should return to where they were when the injury was called.

Thanks guys for clearing that up for me. I will take it back to our club :slight_smile: