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Jeopardy Winner Who Died Was "Avid Ultimate Player"

Cindy Stowell–a science content developer from Austin, Texas–recently enjoyed an impressive run as a six-time Jeopardy! champion. Sadly, Stowell died of colon cancer on December 5th, weeks before her run on the trivia show aired. With her story appearing in numerous news outlets throughout the week and with Alex Trebek delivering an on-air tribute last night after her final episode, Stowell has become something of a pop culture hero and inspiration for many across the country.

But in addition to being a contestant on the game show, Cindy was also a member of the ultimate community, having helped found the University of Texas Women’s team, Melee, and continuing to play in local leagues in Austin. During one of her short Jeopardy! interviews, she mentioned her love for the sport.

Memories and celebrations of Stowell have appeared on Facebook from a number of people in the ultimate community, including from USA Ultimate, who shared her story on their page on Thursday.

Cindy donated more than $100,000 in Jeopardy! winnings to the Cancer Research Institute.

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