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National Spirit Awards for Mixed Division Players

I hadn’t thought about this before, but this tweet and this tweet from Evan Lepler about the Farricker and Pufahl Awards made me realize that there is no spirit award for players in the mixed division. As a mixed division player, I’m a bit bummed to hear that.

What do you all think the award process for the mixed division would look like? It sounds like each open and women’s team nominates a candidate for their respective spirit award. Would a mixed division award be eligible to be won by both men and women? Or would there be two mixed division awards, one for men and one for women? Or do you think that mixed division players should just be eligible to win the Farricker and Pufahl awards? In the spirit of the division, I think I would lean toward the first one (one mixed division award for both men and women), but what do you all think?

Also, do you think it’s possible for USAU to implement a national mixed division spirit award like the Farricker and Pufahl awards within the next year?