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NexGen/All Star 2016

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Who would be on a hypothetical NexGen or All Star team this summer? A few criteria first:

  • Keeping with previous teams, players have to have just finished playing a season of college ultimate.
  • Squad size should be around 15 players
  • Players on Worlds teams, like Khalif El-Salaam, Trent Dillon, and Sarah Anciaux are not eligible, simply because they have worlds to focus on.
  • (EDIT) Must have at least one player from a DIII school and one from a non-US school.

And with that, here are my lists, including schools:

Max Thorne- Pittsburgh
Jack Williams- UNCW
Sam Little- Georgia
Jeff Babbitt- UMass
Justin Lim- Carleton
Dalton Smith- Texas A&M
Pawal Janas- Colorado
Ben Jagt- Minnesota
Adam Rees- Oregon
Mark Vandenburg- Harvard
John Stubbs- Harvard
Peter Yu- UBC
Bobby Ley- Florida
Ryan Landry- Auburn
EDIT Travis Carpenter- Indiana Wesleyan
alternates: Xavier Maxstadt, Connor Kline, Joel Clutton, Pat Earles

Carolyn Normile- Pitt
Jesse Shofner- Oregon
Bathany Kaylor- Oregon
Haley Wahlroos- Oregon
Stevie Miller- Ohio State
Janine Freystaetter- UCF
Shayna Brock- UCF
Mira Donaldson- UBC
Kate Scarth- UBC
Jacelyn Verzuh (assuming healthy)- Darthmouth
Claire Revere- Whitman
Monisha White- Standford
Han Chen- UCLA
Kristen Pojunis- UCLA
Hannah Henkin- Michigan
alternates: Nina Finley, Lyra Olsen, Nora Landri, Anna Hrovet-Snaeder

Gimme yo thoughts! If you’d put someone in, who would you take out? Or just make your own team!

Anddddddd DEBATE!

I’m gonna think on this, but I think you should add a small school stipulation. They usually try to hype a player from a small school/D3 team/international, don’t they?

Like Travis Carpenter, if he is still on Indiana-Weslyan.

Not every year, but in it’s second year NexGen had Tommy Li from Claremont, and the All-Star Tour had Erynn Schroeder from Saint Bens. I like that idea though. Carpenter would def be my pick for the men. Not sure about women…

I also forgot to mention, but I think each team should include a player not from the US. I know NexGen made a point of this with Ollie Gordon, Phillip Haas, and Aaron Neal, and the All-Star tour had Kate Scarth. My choices were Peter Yu and Scarth, both from UBC.

Should add Stanford’s Courtney Gegg. Watch the Whitman-Stanford game from NWC to get an idea why. If I need to drop someone, I would leave off Hannah Henkin.

To clarify, the All-Star Ultimate Tour had two international players - Kate Scarth from Canada and Rebecca Brereton from Australia.

Erynn Schroeder was an absolute beast last year in the women’s DIII division. Not sure who her equivalent would be this year.

Claire Revere fills the small school bill. With just 1500 students, Whitman is less than half the size of St. Benedicts/St Johns.

unrelated to the actual discussion of who belongs here, but i’m just being nitpicky, and here’s how you actually spell the women’s names:

carollin normyle
jessy shophner
steva millar
xhana brocc
meeri donaldsun
cate scarf
paul revere
mokneesha white
qxhen han
kirsten pohjooness
hannuh henkan
ninna findlay
nore landry

everyone else is correct though.

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Whitman certainly is a small school, but its women’s team is good enough to contend at the DI level every year (recently). Thus they get a lot of exposure on a national scale. I think the spirit of the DIII inclusion is to put in someone from a team that actually competes in the DIII division.

Josie Gillett (Bates) or Ana Leon (Bowdoin) would be good picks.