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Nightlock's Laurel Oldershaw Breaks Leg In Hard Collision With All-Star Tour's Jenny Wei [Warning: Graphic]

San Francisco Nightlock’s Laurel Oldershaw sustained a gruesome broken leg last night after a poor bid into the All-Star Tour’s Jenny Wei caused a heavy collision. The game was delayed and ultimately stopped due to time constraints (final score: 10-8, All-Stars) after the long injury stoppage.

Warning: The clip below, from the game film, contains a graphic injury.

Laurel Oldershaw Broken Leg

Originally published at: http://ultiworld.com/livewire/nightlocks-laurel-oldershaw-breaks-leg-hard-collision-star-tours-jenny-wei-warning-graphic/

Nightlock has requested that you take this video down. I do not know the ownership or copyright of the video, but I suspect it belongs to the All Star Tour and they could make a request. For my part, I am sharing their request and stating that I support them in this.


Agreed with other comments here and on Twitter. This is not newsworthy, unless you are using it as some example of the risks of reckless play in a more thorough investigative (which is not the intent of this livewire article); even then, it should only be included after being OK’d by the injured player.

Any other sport on Earth: someone like this makes it into the news.

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Just watched the game on Youtube and had to google Laurel and came to this…but also found her own article on the subject and found it very well written and insightful. Crazy end to that game :confused: