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Paideia Cup 2016

As one of the most prestigious tournaments each year including 8 of the top 16 in the country (pretty much) any predictions how it will turn out? Ultiworld will cover the event which is great. But with Carolina Friends, Amherst, Paideia, Neuqua Valley, Holy Family, Grady, Hopkins, & Edina who comes out on top? CFS vs Amherst would be my prediction with CFS winning again this year.
Any teams you think might surprise this weekend?

I was coming here to start the same topic. I haven’t seen much of CFS or Amherst this year, but that’s probably a solid prediction. Midwest bias says that Edina is going to surprise teams, but the Saturday showdown with Neuqua will probably determine which of those teams has a shot at semis.

In terms of legacy programs and overall strength, this has to be one of the toughest fields ever for the tournament. Still missing a South Eugene or west coast representation, but it’s nice to see the best of the eastern side in one place.

Is there any video coverage that we know of coming out of the tournament?

Thanks for the support! We will be filming our games, & Carolina Friends has a good record of filming games as well. Hopkins also films pretty much every game and has them on YouTube. Not sure when they will get posted but there will be footage taken.

Our very own Eric Williams will be at Paideia Cup reporting and shooting some highlight footage.

Here’s the tournament preview!