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PDGA Pro Worlds Tee Times Released: Instant Reaction

The PDGA finally released tee times for tomorrow’s first round of the Professional Disc Golf World Championships in Emporia, Kansas, with a random mix of cards making up the list.

Some initial reactions:

  • Random sorting is a huge missed opportunity here for the PDGA. It's Worlds, it's your biggest event of the year, and potential viewers are going to be salivating for action on the first day. Why not stack a couple of top cards and make it all about the eyeballs? With due respect to the players, as it stands there is no truly "featured" card on day one of disc golf's most prestigious affair.
  • The best potential option would have been to create a Champions Card, with the past four Pro Worlds winners - Paul McBeth (2012-2015), Nate Doss (2011), Eric McCabe (2010), and Avery Jenkins (2009) - all registered for the event. This card would have brought in viewers to the live streaming coverage the PDGA is paying to have produced, and would have given an extra level of pomp and circumstance to the event.
  • From what I have heard, the reason the PDGA opted against creating a true feature card was that it would not have been fair to all competitors, and that some players would have been upset by it. I am not sure what that reasoning is all about - perhaps it draws on the notion that players on a top card would push each other more in the beginning, thus bringing their level of play higher and causing more separation early? - but I didn't hear any complaints when the Vibram Open delivered a featured card of McBeth, Jeremy Koling, Ricky Wysocki, and am side champion Anthony Cavalieri.
That said, there are a few cards that stand out as more compelling than others.
  • The Nate Sexton/Bradley Williams pairing has showstopper potential written all over it, and Nikko Locastro and Matt Orum's setup could be a nice precursor to strong weeks from the veterans.
  • The Nice Guy Card tees off at 12:30 p.m. local time, featuring Eric McCabe and Gregg Barsby.
  • Jomez Productions will follow the Paul McBeth card that kicks off at 10:00 a.m. for its next-day coverage, while Central Coast Disc Golf will handle the Ricky Wysocki beat at 12:10 p.m.
  • Of all the broadcast teams during Round One, SmashboxxTV should benefit most, as its FPO livestream features three top-caliber players in Catrina Allen, Madison Walker, and Paige Bjerkaas.

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