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Podcast time markers in long episodes

Hey Charlie,

I ultimately signed up only for the Eurozone subscriber bonus segment a couple of weeks ago (nice way of tricking people into paying money btw :smiley: ) but I also got into listening to the Sidelinetalk interviews lately.

Problem is they are often too long to listen through one episode at once. So when you continue listening the next day you have to jump back a couple of seconds to get back into the topic which ins kind of hard depending on your English skills and then you are also in the middle of the topic and not at the beginning so you are confused about the progress of the discussion and so on and so on.

Case and Point: Continuing an Episode after a break is hard for non-native speaker.

So what I think would make it better is the consistent use of time markers in the description text, like you use them on Deep Look:
[05:55] Guest on own Ultimate career
[07:38] Guest on WFDF Events
[12:17] Guest on Professional Ultimate

Most Podcast Apps recognize those time markers, so you can just click on it and start at that segment and from my perspective that would really improve long episodes.