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Ultimate Canada Announces Initial 20-Person World Games Roster

world-games-2017-logoUltimate Canada has announced the 20-person roster for the 2017 World Games set to be held in Wroclaw, Poland, next summer. As with the USA team, the final traveling roster will be whittled down to 14 at the conclusion of training camps. Here is the roster:


Anatoly Vasilyev (Vancouver, BC)
Andrew Carroll (Toronto, ON)
Brendan Wong (Burnaby, BC)
Darren Wu (Vancouver, BC)
Gagandeep Chatha (Surrey, BC)
Geoff Powell (Toronto, ON)
Kevin Underhill (Vancouver, BC)
Mark Lloyd (Winnipeg, MB)
Morgan Hibbert (Vancouver, BC)
Tim Tsang (Vancouver, BC)


Audrey St-Arnaud (Québec, QC)
Catherine Hui (Vancouver, BC)
Collefas Mot (Vancouver, BC)
Jessica Rockliff (Vancouver, BC)
Jessie Grignon Tomas (Montreal, QC)
Laura Mason (Vancouver, BC)
Rachel Moens (Vancouver, BC)
Reanne Bowlby (Vancouver, BC)
Rena Kawabata (Vancouver, BC)
Terri Whitehead (Calgary, AB)

Originally published at: https://ultiworld.com/2016/11/28/ultimate-canada-announces-initial-20-person-world-games-roster/

Seems like they kind of went all-in on the downfield athletes, though I am less familiar with the Canadian player pool these days. Excellent players, of course, but who are the natural handlers? Toly and Underhill among the men are pretty clear, but who else? Maybe I’m just preemptively missing Derek Alexander’s scoobers…

Tim Tsang is also a handler type as well; on the womens side Rachel Moens and Audrey St-Arnaud are the only handlers I believe.

Thanks, I’m not familiar with Tsang and St-Arnaud. Moens I’ve thought of as more of a 3–hell of a powerful thrower, but so athletic as to be kind of wasted in a strict handler role.

More Scarth; less not Scarth