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Ultiworld Video Update: 2017 College Coverage, Team Packs

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Washgnton’s Khalif El Salaam at the 2016 DI College Championships. Photo: Paul Rutherford – UltiPhotos.com[/caption]

After a phenomenal 2016 in which we produced 103 college games, 57 club games, and a smattering of special events like the Team USA v. Revolver scrimmage, we are excited to begin our coverage in 2017.

We have been hard at work this offseason to develop new subscription options with brand-new features and benefits that will make your experience on Ultiworld better than ever. We are not quite ready to announce the new options, but they should be available by mid-January.

With the college season starting to heat up in the coming weeks, we have received many questions about when college teams can order a Team Pack. We are absolutely going to have Team Packs available again, but, like our new subscription options, they will not be available for purchase for another week or two. If you are a coach or captain and you really need access to the fall footage from the Classic City Classic and Missouri Loves Company before an early January tournament, you can get access by subscribing on VHX ($15/mo., cancel anytime).

For now, we want to announce our planned video coverage for the season. We do anticipate adding some additional tournament coverage to the list below.

Planned Video Coverage

Likely to grow, and subject to change


Missouri Loves Company (M/W)
Classic City Classic (M)


Bellingham Invite (W)
Carolina Kickoff (M)
Santa Barbara Invite (M/W)
Queen City Tune Up (M/W)
Florida Warm Up (M)
President’s Day Invite (M/W)
Stanford Invite (M/W)
Centex (W)
Northwest Challenge (M/W)
Easterns (M)
Select Regionals – TBD
College Championships (M/W)

Our current plan is to keep the gender breakdown of our coverage consistent with past practices for the College Division, which has been a roughly 60:40 Men’s:Women’s ratio.

We are happy to answer questions in the comments below.

Originally published at: https://ultiworld.com/2017/01/03/ultiworld-video-update-2017-college-coverage-team-packs/

Are offline downloads for MLC/CCC available with purchase of the individual package?

Monthly subscribers can use offline sync to make videos available for viewing without an internet connection (on mobile, iPad, etc.).

If a team wanted to use your footage for a highlight reel, is there a way to download the footage for that purpose? In the past, subscribers have had this type of access, so I’m wondering if that has changed.

Curious why Huck Finn is left off this list. Over the last couple years it has been a crucial tournament to determining final bid allocations in the men’s division and will no doubt have a similar amount of potential drama this year.

Your answer seems to suggest that only applies to monthly subscribers. Will functionality be reduced or different for package subscribers? Is offline sync replacing direct downloads?

Stay tuned for more details. Team Packs will come with download access for just this reason.

Hoping to get film from Huck Finn this year. Just haven’t made arrangements yet. It’s always on a tough weekend (conflicts with Easterns this year).

Stay tuned for more details. We think offline sync eliminates the need for downloading games for the large majority of subscribers. Would be glad to hear from those who think otherwise.

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Thanks for the response. I’m operating under the assumption that it works similarly to Netflix or other “watch offline” functionality, meaning that you designate X files to sync offline, and then are able to watch them only via the native app.

Since you asked:

I’m one of the subscribers that does download every game, mostly because I appreciate the flexibility. I can take them on the road while I travel on devices that don’t support VHX, I add them to my private Plex server for a custom in-home setup (don’t have the bandwidth to share even if you guys were okay with it, though), and in general use the video app I prefer when watching. On that last one, the navigation and organization options are mediocre at best in the native app.

I can also back them up in case of loss of access, though as the provider I can see why you could want to gate the content and reinforce monthlies. Please don’t. There’s nothing stopping, say, a large portion of Gumroad-era videos from disappearing unexpectedly or my UltiVillage video disappearing with along with the website, and an actual download as opposed to app-dependent access helps mitigate that concern.

I look forward to the coming updates; hopefully there will be a solution that makes sense for everyone.