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Video: Cale Leiviska Ace For Walk-Off Win

Originally published at: https://discgolf.ultiworld.com/livewire/video-cale-leiviska-ace-for-walk-off-win/

Cale Ace

Even for a player of Cale Leiviska’s pedigree, you can still have those unbelievable on-course moments.

While playing a one day B-tier in Bridgeport, Connecticut on Saturday, the Brewport Open, Leiviska had one of those moments, hitting a skip-ace on the final hole of the two-round event to take the lead, and subsequently the victory.

“The most magical moment I’ve ever had on the course was yesterday in Connecticut,” said Leiviska. “I was one stroke down on the final tee when this happened. It still doesn’t seem real when I think on it. I’m so happy my friends and wife were there with me to witness and share in the joy! This would turn out to be for the walk off win as the leader, my good friend Bobby [Cowperthwait], would go on to par the final hole.”

Disc Golf Brah was filming the final drive and caught the ace and reaction on camera.