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Virtual Disc Across America

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Hello Disc Players Across America!

It’s time to play virtual catch across America, Canada, and maybe even Mexico! Kirk and Andy Mac have teamed up to try to pass the disc, virtually, through all 50 States, most Canadian Provinces, and maybe even a few States in Mexico. Check out this Google Site for all the info, and pass this email and link on to friends in other States and Provinces:


Follow the directions in the link above to submit your video and answer a few basic questions.

First, record a short video, about 5 seconds long but no more than 10 seconds long. See sample video below for examples.

Sample Video

Take Video:

  1. Shoot video horizontally (landscape). No vertical (portrait) video will be used. Disc should enter with speed from the left side of the video frame or catcher’s right. Videos of discs thrown slowly are more difficult to edit and compile.

  2. Catch the disc and say: -> your name :grinning:, -> location :mailbox:, and -> State :us: :mexico: or Province :canada:. Speak loud enough for the camera to pick up your voice clearly.

  3. Throw the disc with speed off the right side of the video frame or thrower’s left.

Video should also include a local landmark, sign, or symbol that helps verify the State or Province you’re in.

In the interest of staying home and staying safe during the Covid 19 outbreak, please refrain from significant travel and keep physically separated from others at all times for your video shoot. For example, having a lobster in the video is good enough for Maine. And they don’t carry the corona virus!

If you’re a visual learner, see Video Set-Up Diagram in the links.

Name video:

Rename video file with your name and location.

Upload video by June 1, 2020 and sooner is better:

Once the video is complete, edited as needed, and file named with your name and location; click “Submit your Video” in the link above, fill out the answers to the questions, upload your video, and click “submit”.

Video uploads are due June 1, 2020, but the sooner the better to increase your chances of having your clip included in the final composite. We will email you the link when the final composite video is complete.

For specific questions, you can contact Andy at andymac@together.net or for video questions Kirk at kirkyak@gmail.com

Your email address will not be shared, only used to send you a link to the final composite video around the end of June.

Can’t wait to play virtual catch with everyone!

Kirk and Andy Mac

Hey Disc Players on the West Coast, Alaska, and Hawaii,

We’re also looking for some players to make and submit short catch-and-throw videos that include a big huck or 360 pull toward the Pacific. We need to get the disc from the West Coast to Hawaii and Alaska and return! The disc should still fly off the right side of the video frame (thrower’s left), so we don’t need the disc to fly into the ocean. There’s no need to lose a disc for this video clip. (Freakin’ manifest destiny has made it more difficult to pass the disc between all 50 States!)

Our goal is to pass the disc, virtually, through all 50 States, most Canadian Provinces, and maybe even a few States in Mexico. We’re also happy to receive other creative catch-and-throw video clips from the West Coast, Alaska, and Hawaii as well.

Check out our Google Site for all the info, and please pass this post and link on to friends in other States and Provinces:

Virtual Disc Across America

Hey Disc Players,

Please help us get the disc across America by forwarding this post to friends in other States and Provinces. We may not make it through all 50 States, but it would be nice to get the disc across the US and Canada. We’ve received catch-and-throw videos from Colorado, Oregon, California, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Ontario, Switzerland, and England. So any videos from States and Provinces between these locations would be a big help. Also, not every video has included a local landmark, sign or symbol, so we could use additional videos from any State.


We’re excepting videos through June 1 and hoping to pass the disc a little farther!

Kirk and Andymac

Hey Disc Players,

Last day to submit your catch-and-throw videos!

At this point it’s looking pretty unlikely we’ll get the disc across America, but hope to put together something to incorporate the new videos we received. In the mean time, we’ve added videos from two new States, New Hampshire and Connecticut!

To submit, go to:


Hoping to see some more videos posted today!

Andymac and Kirk