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VOTE: What's The Best Callahan Video So Far?

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This is not about a vote for Callahan itself. This is all about the quality of the Callahan video. Vote for your favorite Callahan video for each gender. We will take the top three from each and create a new poll to pick the overall winner.

You can see all of the videos here.

Men’s Division

  • Khalif El-Salaam (Washington)
  • Sam Greenwood (Michigan)
  • Trent Dillon (Pittsburgh)
  • Joel Clutton (Texas)
  • Ryan Osgar (Minnesota)
  • Connor Rock (Nebraska)
  • Luke Doyle (Colorado State)
  • Henry Babcock (Richmond)
  • Hunter Levis (Utah)
  • Thomas Edmonds (New Hampshire)
  • Logan Pruess (Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
  • Dominique Gibson (VCU)
  • David Shields (Pennsylvania)
  • Jeff Babbitt (Massachusetts)
  • Jay Froude (Missouri)
  • Kai Marshall (Oklahoma)

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Women’s Division

  • Kristen Pojunis (UCLA)
  • Liz Diffey (Nebraska)
  • Julia Ting (Georgia Tech)
  • Shayna Brock (Central Florida)
  • Ari Lozano (Whitman)
  • Caitlin Fitzgerald (Kansas)
  • Abbie Abramovich (Western Washington)
  • Mira Donaldson (UBC)
  • Vaughan Skinker (Pittsburgh)
  • Marisa Rafter (California)
  • Hannah Henkin (Michigan)
  • Heather Kraft (Denver)
  • Jesse Shofner (Oregon)

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It’s Jesse Shofner’s, and it’s not close.

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Video wise, I would at least say it’s close between Rafter’s and her’s. But as far as the actual award goes, it should be Shofner’s, and it’s not even close


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