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What's Your Take: 3/3 Ratio for Mixed Ultimate @ USA Flatball

USA Flatball is hosting their College Mixed Championships again, but this time with shorter fields and a new gender ratio: 3:3 instead of 4:3-3:4.

There’s been chatter about moving to 2:2 at the Beach Nationals as well.

So what’s your take? What can a different gender ratio do for coed ultimate? Or will it change nothing?

Didn’t DC use it in a recent league. How’d that go? More gender equity is a good thing but I have no idea what ultimate is like with only 6 players. I’d definitely be interested in trying that format.

2/2 Beach is a fantastic format.

No reason to think 3/3 on an appropriately sized field won’t be great as well.

Definitely better for constructing rosters. Carrying 14/15 guys on a Mixed team that might end up playing 3:4 was always painful. Maybe shifting to 6 players in all divisions and narrowing the field to a 35 width isn’t a bad idea all around. Certainly it makes fitting 2 ultimate fields on a standard soccer/football field much safer.

I’m fine with the ratio. I like that it may push teams to seek new offensive and defensive strategies. I’m hoping the field size makes for a fun environment with only six players.