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YCC Boys 2016: Back Pages & All-Tournament Line, Presented By CUT Camps

Originally published at: https://ultiworld.com/2016/08/19/ycc-boys-2016-back-pages-tournament-line-presented-cut-camps/


Good tournament line with four worlds players and two CFS kids. Certainly many others could be on this list as the level of play from so many kids is incredible. Keep in mind that Liam still has a year of high school remaining so next year should be very exciting to watch.

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Some grainy footage of Dillon Lanier’s “biggest catch of the tournament on double game point against Seattle” is available at https://www.periscope.tv/josh_murphy/1kvJppmknmoJE? (skip to 1:24:30 to see the grab & subsequent throw for the final score).

That was a fun game to periscope. Definitely a tale of two halves! Seattle was an excellent “faceless army” team (although Zach Jackson is a great choice to highligh), full of solid, capable players without flashy superstars standing out. Truly impressive.

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Jordan is a great player, but he did not have a great tournament. Of course, Jordan has set the bar of greatness so high that it is hard even for him to reach it. Part of that could probably be contributed to going down in the first point of our BUDA game with ligament damage in his throwing elbow. He was later cleared by the trainer to play, but it was clearly affecting his throwing. Still, he is a presence that draws the best defender, works incredibly hard and is a super kid.

That said, Joe White of Cincinnati had a fantastic tournament, with more goals, assists and Ds than Jordan and fewer turns. During our first half with Triangle, he was the best player on the field for either team. Sol and Eric Taylor got a first hand look at what hey will have with CUT next year and I imagine they were salivating at the prospect of having that target to throw to.

And for ease of use & some Youtube love, here’s the catch in question clipped out – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVj7CmEyvyc

Triforce is putting together their videos and should be out any day now. CUT is going to have a fantastic freshman class.

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