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All Region 2016: North Central (D-I Men's)

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Hey thank you so much! I don’t know who you are but let me know the next time I can buy you a drink or something this was ridiculously nice of you.

Time to make some shout outs to some of my mediocre teammates

Jay Kinzel - He has been killing it this year. Minimizing the doinks and throwing bombs.

Drew Chapman - He is the rock on our o line. Making the right throws even if he spends half of the game on the ground.

Joshua Wilson - bringing some much needed experience to the team with his crafty throws.

Remember your all shity people, and horrible at ultimate and you should feel bad about it.


First Team:

Justin Lim (CUT) : Elite level thrower. Justin would start on any O-line in the region.

Craig Cox (Wisconsin): Similar to Justin, Craig is often the most dangerous player on the field with the disc in his hands. His size, ability to get open underneath, and skill with the disc makes him a difficult matchup for even some of the countries best defenders (See: Stanford Finals v Pittsburgh).

Ben Jagt (Minnesota): Speaking of complete cutters, Jagt has proved himself to be one of the most reliable targets for Minnesota this season. From what I have seen he is also a talented thrower in his own right.

Aaron Speiss (Wisconsin): Aaron is a dynamic cutter capable of attacking effectively underneath and deep. His throws make him dangerous regardless of his position on the field and his athleticism allows him to compete (and often dominate) most match-ups.

Ryan Oscar (Minnesota): Again, from the film I have seen of Ryan playing, he is a cutter much in the same vein of Aaron; talented attacking either way and comfortable initiating offense before hitting an away shot for a quick hold.

Avery Johnson (Wisconsin): Avery is an aggressive handler that will constantly attack his matchup with his legs and with his throws. An anchor for the Wisconsin offense, Avery has shown his ability to get the disc at will and finish the play with a backhand boom.

Logan Pruess (UW-Milwaukee): Logan’s resume speaks for itself. Two u23 gold medals and a big cog in a Madison Club team that was an universe point loss away from club semifinals. Logan would start for every defensive line in the region adding intense handler defense, an arsenal of throws, and an intense work ethic.

Others I feel should be in contention:
Jesse Bolton (CUT)
Sef Van Kan (CUT)
Soham Shah (Minnesota)
Ross Barker (Wisconsin)
Sterling Knoche (Wisconsin)

Admittedly, as a Wisconsin player I may be biased. However, this season I think there is such a wealth of talent between the top three teams, that it would take an exemplary individual performance by a player to crack the first team from a player outside the “Big Three,” and I just have not seen enough of these other teams to advocate for that. (excluding Logan, who time and again has showed his pedigree)

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I just want to post about the All Freshman section because there are some incredible kids in this region.

All Freshman:
Aiden Frank - Iowa
Reno Brinn - Iowa
Tyler Barrett - Iowa
Eric Taylor - Cut
Cole Wallin - Minnesota
Sam Kaminsky - Minnesota
Peter Miller - Iowa State

As teammates, I’ve never been more impressed by freshmen as I am with these 3 Iowa boys.
Reno is a top defender in the region. I promise if he guards you you will not touch the disc.
Aiden has the biggest upwind hucks you’ll see this season. All of the teams upwind breaks came from this kid during the finals.
Tyler is such a great all around player and made upwards of 4 layout grabs to save possession in the sections finals.
Anymore questions about these three ask Tommy Gallagher.

Cole and Sam for Minnesota I’ve only seen on film, and I’ll admit their defense is ferocious. Well done you two. Cole might be Minnesota’s top defender.

Peter Miller I’ve only heard of until sectionals, but honestly he’s lived up to his hype. This dude is running ISU’s offense as a 19 year old. Watch him in years to come to live up to the hype.

I’m still not sure Eric is really a freshman, but I keep getting told he is. Dudes a baller either way. If he’s not, oh well a shout out is a shout out.


I would also like to attest to how good Aiden Frank, Reno Brinn, and Tyler “Pibb” Barrett are. They are goofy 18 year olds off the field and murderers on the field, very fun to play with them, especially handling with Pibb. Peter Miller and Peter Murray are similar both phonetically and in being impressively complete players for freshman.

I can definitely see Marty getting some much deserved all region love next year, he is actually so good.

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As a player on Luther, I’d like to give freshman Peter Murry a shout out. He is an absolute monster on the defensive end, and plays physical but fair. On offense I have yet to see a person stop him from going strike consistently for a whole game, and he has the throws to take advantage of whatever power position he can get. With his mix of athleticism and drive, he’s a tough player to deal with on either end of the field. There are definitely many other great freshmen in the region (Skam and Cole among others), but I think that Peter is a guy who deserves some recognition for the great season that he has had.

Also the kid who has very little spirit… Not saying his play is bad, but being even tempered on the field is something you’d like to see

Don’t think I’ve ever seen Joe be unspirited on the field. Intense yes, but unspirited no. Always calm discussing calls, avoiding contact on D, and calling off fouls when he has made the wrong call. Don’t know who you were thinking of, but that is not Joe Lindsay.


Maybe you’re right then, my bad if that’s a mistake!

Just wanted to give a shoutout to a couple freshman who are incredibly deserving of first team all freshman.

Reno Brinn (Iowa) - huge layouts, tough man defense, and quick handler cuts make him very difficult to guard.

Peter Murry (Luther) - one of the fastest freshmen in the north central region. Plays incredibly tough handler defense and will burn you strike in a second.

Tyler Barrett (Iowa) - Started on Iowa’s O line from day 1. Huge throws, very smart with the disc. Wicked backhand around break.

Aiden Frank (Iowa) - Great upwind flick huck. Big layouts. Plays like an animal.

Do you really believe that 3 players on Iowa deserve to be in the top 14 players in the region? I don’t mean any disrespect, but it’s a little surprising to think a team ranked below the 50s would have 3 all-region players. I get it; you guys haven’t lost a game since your first tournament, but it’s important to perform at the highest competition level as well. Minnesota and Wisconsin absolutely obliterated the competition at Huck Finn and Trouble in Vegas, but that doesn’t mean their entire rosters should be on all-region.

Also, saying Michael Wormley is the best thrower in the region “by a mile” is probably the biggest overstatement on this entire forum (more so than whatever @MadisonSpade was saying lol) . I have never seen this guy play, but there’s a reason Justin Lim was player of the region last year, and there’s a reason Avery Johnson is up on first/second team, and there’s a reason why some are voting Ryan Osgar for POTY. Hell, I’d even put @Craig_Cox up there.

In any case, you’ve created some hype for Iowa which is honestly pretty exciting. 2013 Regionals flashback maybe? Best of luck, and hopefully your potential all-region players prove a point.

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From what I’ve seen of Iowa this year, they are in the definition of a rebuilding season. I believe they have 5-6 upper classmen and the rest are Freshmen/Sophomores. After following IHUC on twitter this weekend I got excited again about where the program is going.

Anyone that has ever played on a team with Worm and read that comment about worm being the best thrower in the region can tell you that he wrote it about himself. That’s all I’ll say on him.

I do think there needs to be consideration towards Jimmy Hean. First team? Maybe not due to all the sub players on Minnesota and Lim and maybe Cox. But as a fifth year player on Iowa, TJ has been the go-to cutter for IHUC over the past two seasons. In club he’s a d-line cutter, in college he’s on the offense, and when it’s windy he guy jumps into the handle set of the zone to work the disc up the field. I bet he’ll take the toughest match ups at regionals to help his team.

As an alumnus, I have to say it will be a mistake if the “big 3” overlook IHUC at regionals (“see 2013 Regionals”)


Hi there! Probably not by a mile and maybe not at all but that is very nice of him to say. What I will say is that Carleton and Wisconsin both adjusted their defenses pretty specifically just to me last year, and Carleton shouted shooter every time I touched the disc, which was a huge honor and pretty big deal to me personally. I’m definitely not a great all around player but I do consider myself an elite thrower, but obviously the guys you’ve listed are also amazing and have done it on the biggest stage!

I made a second account because new accounts are limited? Anyway, new username, same Worm. Reasonable question and also good list of excellent throwers, NCW.

As a current IHUC player, it saddens me that I need to back up Worm against a fellow IHUC member. Worm has a big personality but is a very smart and helpful influence on our team, in addition to being the best thrower in the region. OBVIOUSLY being his teammate gives me some bias, but he can boost it and break the mark at will, regardless of weather conditions. Whoever you are, quit dissing your own program; if you really knew the team, you would know that Worm should be 2nd-team all-region.

I want to give an additional 2nd-team shoutout to Ian AK from Luther. He runs LUFDA’s offense very smoothly, with a very tough arsenal of break throws. Finally, IHUC has a trio of freshmen who belong at the top of the region. Reno Brinn is a fiendish defender all over the field, Tyler Barrett is a really solid possession handler, and Aiden Frank is a BIG thrower. Keep an eye out for these kids.

I do not play in this region, and I was just checking out what people were saying. To start, I know Worm and consider him a good friend. He is the reason I started playing and he is the reason I never stopped. When he is dedicated to something, he is going to try his hardest to be the best at it and he is going to help those around him. He is just going to work harder and let these posts motivate him everyday. If he is not the best thrower in the region now, you guys gave him the motivation to be next year. Even that will not be good enough for him because he knows he could always be better. People can have their disagreements, but this forum is supposed to be kept civil and positive.

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Hey sorry I didn’t see this. I’ll let you buy me that drink when you’re back in the burbs this summer. Good luck this weekend.

Now that regionals is over, there are two people that I would like to put in a plug for on Iowa State. We were lucky enough to finish higher than ever in program history and hung tough with a great Minnesota squad until halftime in the game to go when they pulled away pretty quickly (I think half was 6-8).

It absolutely wouldn’t have been possible without #71 Cullen Raasch. If you played us this weekend, then you were definitely familiar with him because he was the one who initiated the offense pretty much every pull with a wide-open under. There weren’t more than 2-3 players this weekend that could challenge him deep, either. Cullen had some insane bids for scores and played great defense as a sophomore, which was huge for us. I definitely think that he is deserving of a look for All-Region.

Also, I’d like to nominate Charlie Hubbard for coach of the year. I think that Tallis Boyd of Minnesota probably deserves it, but I’d like to throw Charlie’s name into the hat because he pretty much transformed our team this year. It’s no secret that we usually have some close games against good teams but usually implode by the time regionals come around and end up somewhere in the bottom third of the region. He made some really good adjustments for us in the Iowa and Luther elimination games that allowed our offenses to work much better through the mud and had us peaking at the end of tournaments, which again is a lot different than what ISUC is used to.

As far as other players that I think deserve recognition, I would probably vote for this ballot, based on our games this weekend at regionals (hadn’t played really any of these teams prior to the weekend):

1st Team
Ben Jagt, Minnesota
Ryan Osgar, Minnesota
Justin Lim, Carleton (POTY)
Natan Lee-Engel, Carleton
Craig Cox, Wisconsin
Avery Johnson, Wisconsin
Logan Pruess, Wisconsin Milwaukee

2nd Team
Eric Taylor, Carleton
Sol Yanuck, Carleton
Aaron Speiss, Wisconsin
Sterling Knoche, Wisconsin
Marty Adams, Minnesota Duluth
Tony Poletto, Minnesota
Cullen Raasch, Iowa State

Best of the Rest Team
Henry Fisher, Carleton
Jesse Bolton, Carleton
David Yu, Wisconsin
Tristan Van De Moortele, Minnesota
Ian Andre-Knudsen, Luther
Jimmy Hean, Iowa
Joel Morton, Iowa State

Coach of the Year - Charlie Hubbard, Iowa State

All-Freshman Team
Cole Wallin, Minnesota
Sam Kaminsky, Minnesota
Peter Miller, Iowa State
Ben Joerger, Iowa State
Eric Taylor, Carleton (I heard futher up in the thread he is a freshman…? If so definitely FOTY)
Reno Brinn, Iowa
Aiden Frank, Iowa
Alternate: Tyler Barrett, Iowa (if Eric isn’t actually a freshman)

Just a fan (parent) but having watched all of Grey Duck’s games this weekend, I would agree with tdboyle. Cullen Raasch (ISU) was very impressive in the game to go with MN. Played most of the points and made several huge catches. A warrior out there. Also, Aaron Speiss from Wisconsin is the real deal on offense. Always open, judicious with the disc and his speed and quickness were definitely a cut above (no pun intended). Nick Ladas from Wisco was a difference maker on defense. Finally, Sam Bumsted was all over the field this weekend. His pulls were big and his defensive intensity never fagged. Several highlight-reel blocks where he came from seemingly out of nowhere. Needs to be on one of the All Region teams. FOTY conversation should start with Sam Kaminsky and Cole Wallin from MN. Starters all year on O and D-lines, respectively, they both were instrumental in getting Grey Duck to Nationals.