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All Region 2016: Ohio Valley (D-III Men's)

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Who are the best players in the Ohio Valley region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

I would like to nominate my team’s captain, Anthony Scrima as an All-Region nominee. We play for Mudshark Ultimate (Bucknell University). Scrima, as he’s known to most, has really been the driving force behind our tournament runs and placings. At West Penn sectionals, Scrima absolutely dominated the field. Despite being seeded last in our section, Scrima led our team to the finals. In semifinals play, Scrima really highlighted his skill set. He took over the offense and got what he wanted both in man/zone coverage in which he led a 6-1 run to push our team to the finals. I think everyone at the tournament would respectfully agree that he was the best player throughout the tournament. Because of this, I believe that he deserves an All-Region consideration.

Calvin Trisolini, Haverford. The entire offense runs through him and is virtually unstoppable at breaking the mark and throwing pinpoint hucks. The catalyst for a staple at DIII Regionals.

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There is some Ohio Bias because I do not know any players from PA.

Franciscan: Dominic Schuster. Beast who leads one the best teams in DIII. Massive hucks and will also burn guys under all day.
Wooster: Dan Lynch. Swiss Army knife player that has willed Wooster to over perform. At Sectionals he had 17 assists, 12 scores and guards the best cutter.
OWU: Sam Schurer. Throws bombs all over the field. Also stingy handler D.
Kenyon: Dominic Camperchioli.
Bucknell: Anthony Scrima. Strong handler who has breaks for days and turned their team completely around.
Oberlin: Conrad Schloer and Jason Freedman.
Xavier: Jake Lamier.

All Freshman:
Wooster: Taylor Myers. Puts his body on the line playing the flex position.
Jacob Schwartz. When he gets playing time he makes the most of it. Solid throws all over the field and smart cuts.
OWU: Zak Hill. Speedy dude.
Messiah: Daniel Sidell.
Cedarville: Some great young players but I do not know their names.
Denison: Ian Decker. A solid player who can read the disc with the best of them

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Played Scrima at Hightide. Even though he pulled out of bounds almost every time, he is a stud. Plays with the cool head of a senior and can pull down floaty discs when he needs to.

Christian Becker from Messiah is open every point as the first cutter on offense and is fantastic in the air as well as playing great defense on some of our opponents’ best players.

I also agree with the points made about Anthony Scrima from Bucknell. He was the best player at West Penn Conferences and gave us a tough championship game. Both Anthony and Christian should receive serious consideration for all region.

Daniel Sidell from Messiah should receive consideration for all freshman team. He handles for the O line of one of the better d-III teams in our region and does many things on the field beyond most freshman such as throwing good, flat break throws, exhibiting great field vision, and making many smart decisions.

Charlie Hoppes should be coach of the year in the region. In addition to coaching Philly Patrol and helping out with the Spinners he coaches us here at Messiah full time and is one of the largest reasons we compete in the region every year.

Oberlin: Conrad Schloer and Jason Freedman. Conrad is one of the most consistent, excellent cutters in the region. He can sky anybody and is open for huge gains under all the time. He also defends (and often wins matchups) against the best players in DIII. Jason is also a top defender, and he has driven the Oberlin O-line offense all season. Both players are very deserving of All-Region honors!

Franciscan: Tommy Koch and Dom. No surprises here! I would argue that Tommy deserves DIII Player of the Region. His play, combined with his on and off-field leadership, is pretty amazing to see.

I’ve only played ultimate with Scrima at Harvard pick-up, but he is an awesome player! The Oberlin Horsecows from the Boston area are bummed we won’t see Scrima and Bucknell at regionals this year.

I also agree with their nominee for coach of the year, Charlie Hoppes. He coaches his team to play the game with the utmost respect and passion. In addition, he has led his team to regionals in a commanding fashion. Also just a very approachable guy.

Gotta give some love to a little known duo. Senior Matt Lubitz from Muhlenberg for all-region and their coach Bobby Roos for COTY for leading the team to qualify for its first ever regional tournament. Both joined the program four years ago back when Muhlenberg was essentially brand new and now the team is set to contend to win the conference in the future. Lubitz does it all on the field, from playing every other and running give-gos up the field to bombing flick hucks to making huge layouts on D to starting the offense from as a cutter to shutting down the other teams best player. He’s also a fantastic leader and it shows. Coach Roos is the architect behind it all, dragging the program out of the Stone Age and getting them to play gritty man D and consistent team offense. I know these guys aren’t big names but Muhlenberg is set up to consistently make regionals and it’s due to these two.

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agreed, played him at Easterns, definitely the focal point of their team and very hard to guard and contain. by far deserves the nod

As someone that was shocked by Xavier’s performance this weekend, some of their stars need to be highlighted:
Jake Lamier: dynamic handle that will sky you one point and break your mark the next
Danny Herold: Their main offensive cutter that goes back and forth between beating you with hucks and break throws
Ben Kelty: Will shut you down on defense and is their most consistent handle

All Freshmen:
Sam Settlemyre: Had no idea this kid was a freshmen, great handle that brings skills to both sides of the disc
Eric Coglianese: speedy defensive player

Conrad and Jason, absolutely agree. The two standout players of a very deep and athletic Oberlin team

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Top play makers from the top teams

Wooster - Michael Herman “Sprinkles” and Dan Lynch
OWU - Kyle Murray and Sam Shurer
Xavier - Jake Lamier and Danny Herold
Franciscan - Tommy Koch and Dom Schuster
Oberlin - Conrad Schloer and Jason Freedman


Really impressed by Jake’s development this year. Can beat players both ways.

Calvin Trisolini from Haverford has incredible throws and made some extremely athletic plays against us. Dude’s a baller. For all-freshman, Sam Gardner from Swarthmore is an incredible cutter and defender. He’s great in the air and is one of the smartest players I’ve ever played with.

Sam Gardner on Swarthmore was impressive all season and I’m sure will continue to be for years to come. Works hard on both sides of the disc, and makes plenty of big plays in the air. Above all, he plays with a calm confidence and maturity that is rare to see in freshmen. I’ve seen him go whole tournaments without a single turnover despite being heavily involved with the offense.

Haverford - All Region
Calvin Trisolini is a speedy and big handler who can play both sides of the disc and is an excellent deep-deep.
TJ (Teej) (don’t know his last name) is a quick under cutter with the throws and field sense of a handler.

Swarthmore - All Region
Christian Morrow - Swat’s silent offensive anchor deserves a shoutout. He is a rising junior, plays nearly every point and routinely marks the top cutter on the other team. He isn’t a flashy player but has well-timed layouts, picturesque hucks and an unbelievable break backhand (he throws nearly-horizontal backhand breaks at will). Keep an eye out for this guy playing spicy D and chilli chilli O at Regionals. He will be the one who sends beautiful backhand hucks through your flick mark and then compliments you on each huck you get off.
Muha Haque - Swarthmore’s sophmore handler with 100% hammers, spicy fakes and arguably the best flapjack in the region.

Swarthmore - All Freshmen
Max Franklin - Max is an offensive and defensive staple who sends pulls into the endzone and then occasionally layout d’s the first throw. He sits out only about five points a tournament and manages to rack up >20 assists per tourney.
Sam ‘Waterbear’ Gardner - Waterbear is about the steadiest cutter you can find while also being a calm and incredibly positive one. In his first tournament this spring, he played 78 points with only a single turnover despite having more touches per point than nearly any other cutter.


Haverford’s Calvin Trisolini is absolutely the best player from East Penn going to D3 regionals. He deserves the nod for sure.

Muhlenberg’s core of Matt Lubitz, Aaron Schwartz, and Zach Charren-Diehl also deserve some recognition. Lubitz is the team’s on and off of the field leader, an absolute defensive stud with a great offensive skill set. He went down with a separated shoulder on Saturday but Muhlenberg was still able to secure a regionals bid, largely due to the play of Zach and Aaron. Schwartz was a monster in the end zone, and Zach threw for a high percentage of the team’s scores. In the matchup with Haverford, they combined for nearly all the scores to keep Berg in the game and carried the team on Sunday.

Don’t really know any players outside the section besides Dom Schuster and Sam Schruer, who I have to assume are locks based on past matchups.

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also Max Franklin on Swarthmore definitely deserves all Freshmen recognition. Very impressed by his play.

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John Cassidy for COTY. First year coach for Xavier, John has taken a team that has performed poorly the past two years and and turned it into a strong contender for regionals. This is especially impressive considering that several of their key players, namely Danny Herold, Brian Fallon, and captain Jeff Ullery, have been battling injuries all year. John has had a very hands on approach and his in-game adjustments have won games for BLOB all year. John has created a very positive atmosphere at BLOB and has been able to turn good players into all-region level players such as junior Jake Lamier and senior captain Ben Kelty, as well as develop freshmen talent into stud players and key contributors in Sam Settlemyre and Eric Coglianese. Many consider BLOB to have had a surprise year thus far, and much of their success is due to having John Cassidy at the helm.