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All-Region 2019: Metro East (D-III Men's)

(Charlie Eisenhood) #1

Who are the best players in the Metro East region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

(Cake_33) #2

Hello, I’m Cake (Ryan) one of the captains of SUNY Oneonta SOFA, I’m gonna start by plugging my own guys then mention who I saw stand out at sectionals.
Firstly, would you believe that Matt Eicher (Cardinal, #29) is in his fifth year and has never been all region? Can we fix that this year? He’s been one of if not the top cutter(s) in the region for the past five years. And he’s made my life a lot easier by always being open and catching whatever garbage I throw at him.
Following him, Joe Ferrara (#17) and Dylan Hannaford (#6) also deserve recognition. They’ve both grown from pretty good cutters to an unstoppable popping nightmare for defenses who can hit any throw after they get the disc.
A player on our team who deserves FOTY recognition is Luke Boylan-Hockett (#5). It’s not often that freshman will come in and seamlessly blend into a college O-line, but he has and has really been one of our best handlers.
Finally, Austin Shave for coach of the year. SOFA has gone from 8th at sectionals last year to qualifying for regionals this year (first time in 4 years) and he is a huge part of it. Austin has been instrumental in refining our O and D in a huge way, and has been one of the guiding hands in helping us develop players.
Alright, now for everyone we saw play this weekend.
Geneseo: Anthony Prato is the best player in the region, don’t kid yourself.
Hamilton: everyone was really good honestly, #4 in particular made a lot of stuff happen from what I remember.
Colgate: #5, Ben (don’t know his last name) was a one man wrecking crew. He was the guy where we always had to be aware of who he was defending at every moment so we knew to avoid that half of the field.
Fredonia: the Watts brothers were on fire again as usual. And I know he got hurt during our game against them, but let me say Adam Bubb was playing out of his mind for that whole game. He hit so many absurdly difficult throws and made every single play that could have been made.
Anyways that’s all for this extremely long post, probably will have more after regionals.

(CaptainCanaveral) #3

^clearly y’all haven’t played Marist if you’re calling Anthony Prato the best player in the Region…

(frizfiend12) #4

There are two reasons Marist is my D3 Men’s Metro East pick to go to nationals: Oliver Fay and Noah Fay. Played against the Fay twins and wow are they good. They are athletic, huge, and have every throw in existence. Good luck to Anthony “Maybe the Third Best in the Region, Maybe” Prato in his efforts to try to stop them…


Are you sure about that?

(CaptainCanaveral) #6


(team_positivity) #7

alright. let’s get real. marist is the best team in the region… and they are the best team in the region because of one reason and one reason only. that reason is their star player. the heart and soul of their team. ALEX JANSEN.

he is an athlete that intimates tigers, strikes fear into the hearts of lions, and makes grizzly bears run to hibernation. when we travel to west point, he has to show security that he does indeed have a license for the biceps he calls guns. and when he enters the field he does indeed put on a gun show.

his impact on the field is beyond valuable. this 6’2, 230 center linebacker runs a mere 4.33 40 yard dash, broad jumps 13 feet, can throw a 90 yard cross field hammer, has fifty inch vertical jump, has punched down a brick wall, and has once eaten a fifty pound thanksgiving turkey in one sitting (mom was pissed).

teams, players, and coaches beware, you will have a challenge facing #27. and trust me, you will be seeing a lot of the #27 because you will be running behind him as he scores 95% of marist’s points… and assists the other 5%. good luck metro east, he’s hungry…

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(RHecht27) #8

Hi my name is Ross, I am a rookie on the Marist frisbee team. I loved playing for this team and would feel bad not highlighting some of our players this year

Our captain, Sophomore Oliver “the kid” Fay is a one man wrecking crew. He will D you up. He will walk through your defense like there is no one else on the field. His throws are superior. He is faster, taller, and stronger than you. These are just facts that you are going to have to live with and get on with your less than average lives. He is the best player in the region. Good morning, good afternoon, and good night

Junior Noah “the mailman” Fay. Why is he the mailman? It’s because he delivers when it matters. He threw 97 assists just in the spring season last year. Let me put that into perspective. Marist only went to one tournament other than the championship series last year. The mark means nothing to him, he will throw over you, around you, and under you. You might be better off just dropping his man into coverage when he gets the frisbee.

Captain John “Glue Guy” Sasso is the Man, the Myth, the Legend that keeps this team of characters together. Don’t let his good looks and his boyish charm distract you, he is a bad ass mother trucker. A pure savage on and off the field. If you guard him you will have your shit torn apart.

Sophomore Andrew “Thunder” Muscadin. Someone hire this man as a contractor, he’s about to put a roof over the entire metro east. If a disc goes up, don’t jump. You’ll embarrass yourself and your team. Stand back and enjoy the show.

Junior Jack “Lightning” Hueber. His nickname explains it all. He is a perfect compliment to Andrew, and Andrew to him. If Andrew is beating you out, Jack will beat you in. When guarding him just get used to being left in the dust. Kid is fast, and the kid can box players out twice his size. The Marist offense is scary with Noah, Andrew, and Jack on the field

The Rookies Josh Roth, and Brenden LaSpina. Marist would’ve been fine this year without any rookie pick ups. We would still probably be favorites to make nationals. What I’m trying to get at here is that sometimes life is unfair. Sometimes the rich get richer. Josh Roth has been playing for 1 year and is already one of the top handlers on the team. His knack for knowing when to throw deep, when to holster, and when to break his mark is uncanny. He shows veteran composure as a rookie. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t have one turnover at sectionals. Now Brenden LaSpina. He’s a natural. He is already playing deep deep in the Marist zone. And he’s always a second away from making a highlight reel. It’ll be a tall task to guard either one of them, let alone both.

Lastly our coach Walter “Bobby Fischer” Roosa. He is our lord and savior, the end all be all, and the last reason Marist will make nationals. He as infused and energy to this team that lifts everyone up. He knows what to do in every situation. And lastly he knows how to get the most out of all of our players.

Marist is a terrifying team to look across the line at. There is a reason that we were ranked 2 in all of D3 at one point.

(XxDeclanFung69xX) #9

Hey guys just a quick reminder that there is another Red Fox Real Talk event tonight. The topic we’ll be discussing is the Me Too Movement. If you’re interested, feel free to come. It will take place at 9:15 pm in Hancock 2023. Refreshments will be provided. Hope to see you there!

(LordGumby) #10

Lord Gumby knows all:

Oliver “The Kid” Fay

Noah “The Mailman” Fay

Jack “Lightening” Hueber

Andrew “Thunder” Muscadin

Mike “Big Mike” Vitiello

John “Glue Guy” Sasso

Ray “The Cannon” Santiago

Josh “The Shark” Roth

Brendan “Athlete” LaSpina

Guido “Italian Stallion” Aresi

(ashave) #11

First off, I’d like to thank cake for mentioning my name. I love that I’ve been able to play such an important role on an amazing team like SOFA. I still stand by my belief that I inherited a great situation that made me look more important than I truly am. The guys on SOFA are an amazingly talented bunch, who put in an incredible amount of effort and dedication to reaching their goals. I only brought about solutions that helped them take advantage of their individual strengths and helped them grow closer together as a team; the players did all the hard work, they deserve the real recognition.

With that being said, I really enjoy watching tournament footage, so i’ll be mentioning a few players that I’ve both watched on the field, and on film.
–>Starting with SOFA lads:
Dylan “Dilly Dilly” Hannaford (#6) - There’s nothing quite like watching someone play who can do it all. There isn’t much more I can say about Dylan, other than he is an incredible player who is a reliable, talented, and mature player who is an asset to every line he is put on.
Matt “Cardinal” Eicher (#29) - Cardinal is an absolute monster of a player. His biggest weakness comes is his willingness to put his body on the line to give his team the slightest of advantage, which has led to some injuries. However, I think that “weakness” says a lot about his character - he will do anything he can, he will give everything he has, to help his teammates on (and off) the field. On the more literal side of the coin, the man rarely gets beat in a 5050, and he makes up ground fast enough that you’d think he’s teleporting. He’s an incredible athlete that I’ve been fortunate enough to get to work with and watch over the last season.
I could mention a good amount more of the SOFA lads, but in fairness, I’d like to try to keep this shorter as there are so many players worthy that it makes it hard to condense such a list.
–> Marist
Having watched some film of Marist, and talking to Sean Kohler (a good friend of mine), it’s been clear since the start that Marist was going to be a strong team.
Noah Fay - I think Noah is a huge enabling factor on the Marist team. With his smart decision making and wide repertoire of throws, he is a clear asset to the team.
Walter Roosa - I know Walter, as he’s been around the area I grew up in. When he took the position over from Corey, I knew there was the potential for some positive growth, if only the team let him work his magic. Obviously, the team meshed well with their new coach and as a result, grew a tremendous amount in a small period of time. Whether it’s my personal opinion, or through stories I’ve heard from a few players, Walter has clearly made a huge impact on the program (in a short amount of time) and should be in consideration for coach of the year.
–> Geneseo
I only have one mention here, and it’s clear when you see the name. This individual sticks out to me as the best player in the region. While I believe he does have competition, I believe this player shines above the rest.
Anthony Prato - I feel like he’s in college, purely just to play college disc. The kid is an absolute monster of a player, period. He thinks like a high level club player, almost always making the right decision. This isn’t just some extremely athletic and talented college player, this is an extremely athletic, talented, and SMART college player. This is a player that I’m excited to see continue to grow - I can’t even fathom the idea that the can still become even better.
–> Fredonia
Watts brothers - I’m not even going to get far into this one. I think if anyone has ever watched these two play together, you’d just instantly understand everything that I want to communicate. I’d be hard to recommend one over the other though, so I have to mention them both. The incredible synergy, skill, and raw athleticism that they show is amazing to watch.
Tyler (coach) - I believe his name was Tyler, unfortunately my memory can sometimes be on the weaker side. I had a few interactions with Tyler during our game and I always walked away from it with a smile. Whether we be talking about specific events that happened, communicating the time, timeouts, anything - I walked away smiling. Tyler seemed like an invaluable tool to his team, and he was extremely spirited and a pleasure to be on the sideline with (against, hehe).
**Just to clarify here, I’m not recommended Tyler for coach of the year or anything, I just really wanted to give him a shout out because he seemed like an awesome lad (adding this to avoid potential confusion that I saw below :stuck_out_tongue: ) **

As I said ,there are plenty of other names I could mention, but in fairness I tried to condense the list to those who truly stood out to me (and trying to not pick more than 2 per team). I think there is a lot to talk about this year and I’m glad to see some passion in people’s posts.

(cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee) #12

I tried to vote for my boy Cardinal for all Region last year and couldnt find him :confused:

(cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee) #13

Whatsup peeps. Charlie here from the 'Wock.

I got a few shout outs for my teammates. Benjamin Reiser (#5) is really good. He hits fulls and halfs alike. Payton Baker (#20) has some insane serves, nearing a 8% ace rate. Jack Heitner (#25) is known as the EMT from all the saves he makes. Pete Paasche (#61) is an all around complete player, with a deadly spin serve, killer snipes, and l33t saves.

Alright enough tooting our own horn.

Some notables in our region…

Plato is pretty decent. He has good hucks and doesn’t mind going deep.
My boy Cardinal is always a pleasure to compete against.
Wellers is really athletic, but the true star of that team has to be Colin May (#91). He can have some monster moments. Liam O’Connor continuously lives in the shadow of his sister. Not to be confused with James O’Connor.
Polc from Nawshus is pretty good, but the MVP of that team has to be Lexi. Unperturbed by pressure, Lexi provides a solid chase and is great at promoting team moral.

Don’t remember as many faces out of the section. Army has some good players in the match we played against them. Shoutout to Devin on RPI, that guy is a homie. I’m looking forward to see if these Fay brothers are what they are talked up to be.

Peace out. One Love.

(Corey Vaccaro) #14

@ashave Not sure we’ve ever met, played, or coached against each other before. All I’ll say about my coaching is that the team improved every season I was there and I like to think I left Marist better than I found it. The level of talent that’s on the current team is a night and day difference from when I started in 2016 and I really do hope they have a great postseason this next couple of weeks.

*Edit: Just ignore me being over-sensitive. I appreciate the comment by Austin. I shouldn’t have posted anything, that’s my bad.

(allOtherTeamsSmell) #15

Alright, let’s get down to business. Greendale is the best team to have ever graced the field in the history of the sport of ultimate. We’re simultaneously the dark horse of the metro east, and the shoo-in for making nationals, because that makes sense. There’s a reason we were ranked 2nd in the world according to my step-uncle Frank once. We deserve it.

I’ve been hearing talk about this clown on Geneseo, what’s his name, playdoh? I’ve never met him but he’s probably not even worth talking about since I’m scared of him. And those gangly twins on Marist? Twins? Please. That’s child’s play. Let me tell you about the pride of Greendale Community College; the Greendale triplets.

John “Jesus-god” Flay: He’s just a better person then you could ever hope to be in every way. He’s more athletic then you, has better throws the you, is smarter then you, and is better looking. When your mom says she loves you at night, she’s really talking about him. He got into Harvard, then came to Greendale as a service to the community.

Robert “Bobby” Flay: He’s too tall. Too tall. Throws stuff over your mark because he’s taller then you. Let’s just hope it’s not windy.

Quentin "Tarantino" Flay: Produced, edited, directed, and starred in our hype video last season. Too bad it only got 11 upvotes on reddit.

Every team has rookies, but our rookies are the best rookies, for one reason and one reason only: they all have ultiworld forum accounts. And they’re not afraid to use them to disseminate their deep knowledge of the sport and their well informed opinions on the skill of their teammates.

It’s for these reasons and too many more to list that Greendale is going to make it to nationals this year, and stomp all of the competition. Lastly I want to dedicate our season to our former coach, who felt the need to defend his coaching abilities and contribution to the team, even though nobody was questioning either of those things.

(ashave) #16

Hey Corey, this is Austin.

When writing my reply, there was no intention to bad-mouth you or your coaching in anyway. In fact, I’ve heard nothing but good things about your time at Marist, as we have a good couple of mutual friends that I talk to on a normal basis. After re-reading my post, I see absolutely nothing referring to your coaching. However, I do see where I mentioned your name, as a transition piece (as I don’t think it’s fair to mention this years’ Marist without also mentioning the great efforts you put into the team which also helped them achieve their success this year), which could be misinterpreted as insinuating the bar was set low; this was absolutely not the goal and is the opposite of how I feel.
Again, the goal of that segment was to speak highly of Walter; not poorly of you, but while still mentioning your name as I feel it’s important to not forget that this team was coached by you last year, which I believe plays a role in their success this year.

I sincerely apologize if you were offended by my post. I hope that the clarification above helps you understand what was intended (and what, from my understanding, most people read it as).

On a lesser note, this whole ridiculousness could have been avoided had you just sent me a message. I would have taken any steps necessary to assure you that your assumption was not my intention, clarified my position, and offered a private apology to you.

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(regis_eris) #17

Let me start with a very relieving bit of information - I do not attend Marist, I did not coach Marist, and more importantly I will not attempt to list my teammates stats out of 1000.
As for players, Hollywood on Fredonia is quite attractive, I would love to see him oiled up wrestling Niccc from Rochester.
Joey Ferrara busts his meatballs every point and turns opponents into spaghetti.
Also shoutout to Max from Geneseo, he’s a beast but unfortunately broke his wrist. OP has my heart tho.


Tyler Davis for Coach of the Year? PLEASE, the dude hasn’t been able to beat Geneseo in 6 seasons as player or coach. Good guy tho.

But you know who else can’t beat Geneseo? My nominee for Coach of the Year - Kyle “K-MO” “indiasnailpal” Morgan.

This Snail alum went to the dark side to coach the University of Rochester Piggies. After playing on an AUDL squad that sent the legitimacy of this sport back a decade or two, he thought he could lead a Metro Least D1 team to some glory… but that didn’t pan out.

He did however lead the Piggies to their first ever D3 Regionals this spring, so he’s got that going for him. This young group is going to see success in the years to come thanks to his dedication. He started up a development club team in the Rochester area to build up some local college programs. But most importantly, he’s also way better than you at Smash

(Malk) #19

Hey, I’m Steve from Clarkson. We didn’t participate in sectionals this year but I do have some points for discussion.

Benjamin Bates (Freshman, Clarkson). Ben or “Lenny” for short should be considered for the All-Freshman team. Nobody knows him so he probably won’t get far but if I post, at least he can’t say that I tries.

Ben was a great addition to our team, as a handler and as a rule book. Starting out he just seemed like a cocky handler from nowhere VT, and he lived up to that. This is going to fuel his massive ego, but he is one of the best handlers on the team already. I have never seen him get handblocked and he intends to keep it that way, he will give the first person to handblock him a 30 rack (valid for any team in our Reigon, so get to work). He has all throws, hucks, decision making, and defensive skill. That’s why he was elected as captain for our team yesterday. I don’t want to over-hype him so I’ll end here.

Prato (Geneseo)- All region and best player in the region. He’s not just a player of great skill but he’s a team leader and has great decision making skill. Playing with him makes playing easy.

Dave Ferraro (RPI) - I think he’s a great coach, you can see RPI players improve throughout the year not that they weren’t already great players.

Cameron Smith (Clarkson, 6 ) - he was salty he wasn’t nominated last year, he’s going to be a senior and has captained both of Clarkson’s teams for two years (Going to be three). If you every played that weird Lanky kid you know who I’m talking about. He once bid for a point in front of some girls. They then walked over and asked for his number. He politely replied “I have a girlfriend”… when he didn’t. Actually a true story. So for all those lonely ultimate players, there is hope.

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(passion_fruit) #20

This has been a bit of a shit show of a thread but there are a bunch of people who haven’t been mentioned from the hudson valley side so I hoping to open that up a little. I don’t go to RPI but I feel like they have a lot of great players who at the very least deserve to be shouted out.
Sasha: Some of the best throws in the region, all around player very calm and confident with the disc

Adam Alper: Some of the wonkiest looking flicks I’ve ever seen yet they are filthy. Almost impossible to cover in RPI’s 6 man as one of the dump options

Pizzo: One of the most consistent catch and shoot cutters, great fundamentals

Devin: Great throws, extremely consistent player and very quick

Duffy: Super good pulls, and a great deep defender

Bryce: Great all around player, dominant in both cutter and handler space

Gino is filthy on both sides of the disc and really their best player. I don’t know many other of their names but a bunch of talent.

Also we haven’t played Wesleyan this season but I know they have a ton of talent so I’ll leave that for someone else.