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All-Region 2019: North Central (D-III Men's)

(Charlie Eisenhood) #1

Who are the best players in the North Central region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.

(DiscAddict) #2

Hey all,

Just wanted to get this thread started with what I think are some of the top players at this region(super pumped to see you all earned 3 bids). I am not a player in this region but have seen a lot of these teams over the last two years and wanted to give some my opinion on a few players who should be locks for All-Region

St. Olaf:
Drew Otterlei: He has been dominating at this level for a few years now and has really helped St. Olaf take a huge step this year. I was able to watch them on two separate occasions this year and he is the driving force behind their success. He has the ability to make any throw any time and has used his athleticism to really help Olaf this year. One of the best throwers in the country, he is unfazed by any defensive look or wind. He is top two in this region and should be on every All-Region ballot again.

Chad Messerich: I remember watching him as a freshman last year and being extremely impressed with his composure and decision making. After watching LUFDA this year at Southerns I was blown away by how impressive he looks this year, he dominated against several strong D1 teams and any opponent LUFDA has faced this year. Playing without Lovagnini for the majority of this season he has really taken over for their squad. He dropped back to the handler position and has been the conductor of their offense hitting every throw and really being the reason they have been able to open up their deep game so often. Well deserving of All-Region honors.

Michigan Tech:
Brendan McCann: There isn’t much that needs to be said here that won’t be said over and over again. This player is the real deal, shown by his AUDL status. He is returning as the best player in this region and is better than last year. Tech goes as far as he takes them, while they still have several good players, he stands out on that squad. Should be POTY in this region and potentially even D3. Defenses are well aware of what he can do with the disc every time he touches it but there is really no way to stop him from throwing whatever he desires.

Saul Wildavsky: Saul has really stepped up after losing many key pieces to their core from last year. His athleticism as a cutter is unparalleled in this division, as far as cutters go he is the best in this region. His ability to throw deep and get open at will have been huge for GOP this season. He gets the recognition he deserves from Ultiworld, but I would even go as far as to say he has been underrated as a player. He is the leader of this GOP team and one of the best players in the region and division. Another lock for All-Region.

Just wanted to give my evaluation of who I see as the top 4 players in this region and wanted to wish everyone good luck at regionals. This year has been huge for our region as there are now 3 bids and the North Central is getting the recognition it deserves as one of the best in the nation.

(chenxis@umich.edu) #3

Bump for Saul and Brendan. Having played with both of them, I can say first hand that it’s no exaggeration that they are both Top 10 if not Top 5 players in the entire division

(AverageDiscHurler) #4

The North Central is such a talented region, and I’m just going off who I’ve played with/against the most and who really stand out to me. I can’t even get close to naming everyone who deserves to be recognized.

St. Olaf: Drew Otterlei and Grant Marolf are 2 of the best handlers in the NC. They both have a very high Ultimate IQ and rarely make mistakes with the disc
As for the freshmen Zerks, Ben Fjetland-Souza is a breakout handler who was a force throughout high school and YCC and I’m kind of terrified to see the damage he’ll be able to inflict on teams in the rest of his 3 years (I’m assuming) in the North Central. His counterpart, Cole Zielske is a player who I’d hate to have to defend against as well as hate to have defend me. Both of them are great players individually, but the thought of having them continue to play on the same team in the years to come makes me think St. Olaf will have many opportunities to get to nationals.

Michigan Tech: Brendan McCann. I think that kind of says it all. There’s not a lot he can’t do.

Drake: Noah Linder is a sophomore who really showed us what he could do last year. He became a captain in his second year as a part of DUC and is a big threat when healthy. He was plagued with a bad ankle at at least one of their tournaments this year, and that, along with a lot of their leadership not attending made them go 0-5 which was a big contribution as to why they won’t be at regionals with only 1 bid in their section. However, I think if he was given a chance to showcase his ability on the Regional stage, everyone would see that he deserves this mention.

Luther: Chad Messerich is another great sophomore who has had to take control of a powerful team. (See above).

St. Thomas: Purple Reign is a team with a lot of individual talent, but a big problem for them is having all of their players at a tournament together. Joe Lagorio and Paul Youngblood are 2 of the most physically attractive specimens in the Ultimate community, if not the world. Both juniors and captains, it’s hard to find people to match their physical abilities. Paul and his hair are threats on both offense and defense, especially downfield. The same can be said for Joe. His layouts are spectacular and his smile alone could win nationals. Eric Volkmeier is another talent on UST. He’s a sophomore captain who can be utilized as a handler or a cutter. He’s much more of an offensive player than a defensive one though. That’s not to say his defense is terrible, but let’s just say theres a reason he’s not on the d-line
Being a player on St. Thomas, I love all our freshmen equally, and each of them has stepped into a starting position on the field, being key parts of our team this year and down the road, but John Graumann was a huge addition. We were running very low on handlers after last year and he really stepped up as a freshman. He’s a key part of our d-line and he loves to lay out. Other freshmen include Joe Schwetz and Colby Flynn who both had very little ultimate experience coming into college and have really stepped up and shown what they can do on both defense and offense, really earning their roles on the team.

Post-Sectionals edit:
Bethel: Steven Anderson deserves a mention here. Although Bethel didn’t perform super well at sections, it’s always a hassle when you have to guard this dude. He has a lot of talent on both offense and defense with his speed, his throws, and his willingness to do anything to get the disc. Definitely a great leader for this team.

Macalester: Jonah Giese outworked just about everyone when we played against Mac. He tore apart our defense and caused a lot of problems (for us). He’s a great all-around player and should definitely be mentioned.

As I said earlier, this analysis doesn’t come close to captivating the talent of the region. There are so many more out there who also deserve these awards. I was just going off who I play with and who I’ve played with and against in the past. Love to see all this coming out of the North Central.

(Imps) #5

I see a lot of love for Drew Otterlei, but when he played club last year for Mallard (last place at regionals), he wasn’t even their best thrower and was getting consistently outclassed by a high-schooler… I’d have to take Drew out of the running in favor of Eden Prarie High School Senior, Anthony Jurly. Simply by not competing in D3, he graced the rest of the division with the opportunity to play unaffected by fear.

(Frank Samuels) #6

It’s the Spring of 2017. You’re all set to walk at Edina High School graduation in just a couple of days. You’re still sore from the state tournament, in which you placed 2nd to High School juggernaut Hopkins. But coach is proud of your season and so are you. You captained your rag-tag squad of cake eating pretty boys to a silver medal and now you get to enjoy daddy’s vacation money on an all-expenses included voyage across the Atlantic to pre-curse your European summer celebration before heading to St. Olaf in the fall. Mom comes knocking on the door. “Yes mother?” She hands you a letter. You open it:
“Andrew, we’d like to extend an invitation to you to play with us this summer! - Sub Zero” Insta-nut. This is what you’ve always dreamed of. You call up the YCC coaches and tell them that you’ll be taking your top-tier throws elsewhere. You call up father and tell him to cancel the pending transaction, you’ll be spending the summer in your city-cottage to train with the sub zeroes. Fast forward 1 year. It’s 2018. You’re cut from Sub Zero. And there’s a new top-gun in town. They’re calling him Jirele, but he hasn’t even graduated high school yet. He’s on a team called Mallard? You can feel your blood boil in a jealous rage. You find yourself on the same team as this High School junior from Eden Prairie. You vow to show everyone in the region that you’re still the best high schooler, even though you had a very unimpressive freshman year in Northfield. The most action you got was looking over the trimmed victorian hedges surrounding Carleton, in awe at the D1 CUT team practicing on the football field, as the Knights football team paces the sideline dreaming of the day that they could join the royal elite frisbee community. You mark up against this Anthony Jirele high school punk. he jukes under, you bite, determined to layout D this fool. He takes off deep, and by the time you realize it, he’s got 20 yards separation and is in the endzone spiking the disc edge down with a coy smirk aimed right at your soul.

Fast forward 3 months. Mallard has gone 14-0 in the regular season. They coast into regionals with half their team back at school across the country. It’s NC Club regionals. The worm is nowhere to be seen, thank god, your team has a chance at winning maybe one game. You’ve thrown the disc out of bounds several dozen times by now. They’ve got high school sensation Anthony Jirele in there. He’s playing a perfect game. The opponent is Mad Club. You’re 5-5 against Wisconsin, and Anthony Jirele has scored all 5 goals. You start to take your cleats off because you can’t take it any more. You know you have 2 options. Savor this last year of school before the high school prodigy goes D3 and ruins the rest of your college career, or dial up father to put the high schooler in touch with the best tutor that daddy’s money can buy, in hopes that he gets accepted into a D1 school and you’ll never have to see this beast of a player again.

Anthony Jirele for All-Region.
Andrwe Otterlei for 2nd Team All-Region… next year.


Benji Keilor of St. Olaf has a mf cannon. Definitely the front runner for freshman of the region

(john112) #8

Back again for some D3 action, some of these names have already been highlighted but just wanted to reiterate how deserving some of these players are.

Olaf: Drew Otterlei is unreal and deserving again, I think we all know that. He has really become the complete package of a player in Northfield and is going to prove that once again this year.

Ben Fjetland-Souza is also very deserving of FOTY honors, he may be able to play his way into all region but FOTY should be a lock for him.

Luther: Chad Messerich has been immense for them for two years now. Expect to hear a lot about him going forward as he has truly stepped up and has now undoubtedly been Luther’s top player all season.

Michigan Tech: McCann. Nothing more needs to be said that we don’t already know.

GOP: Saul (see McCann’s write up)

Others to watch

Matt Deetz on Luther is a really solid cutter. The duo of him and Chad Messerich has been huge for Luther all year and is one of the keys to their success. He can be one of the top cutters in the region based on his speed and athleticism. He won’t wow you with his throwing ability but will beat you all over the field.

Joe Lagorio is another solid player in this region. Plays for St. Thomas and is probably their biggest threat. He does a good job of running their offense and can give the opposition issues as they look to pull off an upset at regionals.

GOP’s coaching staff does a tremendous job with that program and I’m sure they will bring home coach of the year honors once again. As a program, they pride themselves on team success and they have many players deserving that I am sure will be recognized on this forum.

Michigan Tech had a very good deep cutter last year that I am not positive is back this year but he is another very solid player in this region.

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(Imps) #9

I see a lot of mentions for Luther players, but did anyone consider that they lost to a B team this year? Can anyone on that team truly claim all region prowess when they can’t handle the ‘ugly ducks’???

(jakemutch5) #10

St Olaf: Drew O. has the knowledge skill of a good player, also some really good throws. He should definitely be on this list. Ben is a very talented freshman that will probably be doing more and more for this team each year, in my mind there isn’t anyone that comes even close to FOTY (except maybe his teammate Cole).

Haven’t seen Luther or GOP yet this year but I know that Chad M. for Luther and Saul W. for GOP are good players that are deserving of making this list as well.

Michigan Tech: can’t talk about All-Region players without mentioning McCann. He’s just a great overall talent.

Winona State: I’m a little bias since this is my team but I truly think these guys deserve a mention, keep an eye out for them this weekend at sections. #13 Jordan Benson is the one of the better cutters that I have seen in my ultimate career, just a goal scoring machine. #3 Michael Sauer is a huge player and is one of the more rounded players that I’ve played with, very strong defense and can use his size on O. Lastly #17 Jacob “Biz” Schlaefer has the ability to put the team on his back and go. He’s an absolute work horse and he’ll leave you thinking “does this guy ever get tired?”

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(j-alfred) #11

After a wonderful weekend of competitive ultimate at Conference Championships, some players deserve recognition. Full disclosure: Macalester captain.

St. Olaf Drew deserves All-Region, no doubt. I think all that can be said about his stellar play has been said, so I’ll discuss the other players that merit attention. Grant Marolf, their d-line center handler, has the best (flick!) pulls in the region. He is a stud defender as well, consistently taking on opponents best downfield cutter. Their captain, Austin Brown, is a phenomenal player, as well. As one of their primary cutters on O-line, he toasted me more times than I can count.

St. Thomas Joe Lagorio and Paul Youngblood deserve mention. Joe might rival Saul as the best cutter in the region. It has become a right of passage for our “best defenders” to be dunked on emphatically by Joe. Paul was the single toughest matchup I faced this weekend. He is a lock down defender that will run you to the ground.

Hot Karls David Gallagher, their captain, didn’t play when we faced the Karls on Saturday, but he suited up on Sunday when we faced them in bracket play. As a cutter or a handler, his presence made the difference. The Karls offense is predicated on repeatedly attacking the break side of a vert stack, and David made it work seamlessly. Really an underrated thrower in the region. They also had a youngish looking cutter that seemingly caught all their goals. Super shifty and good in space.

Winona State I don’t think these dudes have a stand out star, and thats what makes them dangerous. Like others have said, Biz is their workhorse. He sets the tone for the team with his energy, dramatic (but deadly) cutting style, and endurance. The other cat that stood out was the bearded behemoth that goes by “dad”. Just a super super solid thrower. Inside flicks were money. Can’t wait to see these dudes at regionals, they are a blast to play.

(DavidG) #12

Maybe not the best timing for this since the most recent comment was someone from Mac saying nice things about me, but I was going to say either way that I honestly can’t believe that Jonah from Mac hasn’t been mentioned yet. I first matched up against Jonah last year, and he was one of the toughest (and most fun) cutter matchups I faced all year. And now this year he was doing a ton of handling for them and balling out. Big, fast, super talented thrower, and the best player on a very strong Mac team that I could see making some noise at regionals. The other thing that stood out to me is that I don’t know if any player at conferences played more points than Jonah, playing just about every O point for Mac and crossing over a ton when they needed a break. Even after hurting his ankle in our game against them on Sunday, he continued to play a ton of points to lead them to two more wins on the day.

And the youngish looking cutter on the Karls is Ish. I don’t like talking about players on my own team in these threads b/c it feels fake, but I will say two things. First, Ish had more goals on Sunday than the rest of the Karls combined. Second, and I say this with all due respect to Joe Largario and Paul Youngblood, but Ish is the best looking person in North Central Men’s DIII.

(msauer103) #13

After playing in the Northwoods Sections this weekend GOP’s coaches definitely deserve Coach of the Year. No one on GOP stuck out as being the best player because they worked as a complete team to blow out everyone else in their Section. Against their defense you’re lucky if you can get a throw off before stall 5 and you better thank your God if you magically get a break throw off against them. After playing them this weekend their isn’t a doubt in my mind that they are the best D-3 team in the country and that’s definitely has to do with well they are coached.

(Biz) #14

With the conclusion of the Conference Championships in the Books I wanted to toss my hat into the Discussion. I play for Winona EXP but I am here to vouch for those that may have been overlooked or that I feel deserve mention, before we get there though I want to say that after playing GOP and seeing how well organized they were the GOP coaches deserve plenty of praise. Additionally, Saul is not only an outstanding player and a force to be reckoned with on the field, but his character and spirit make him the full package in an All-Regions player.

Macalester: Jonah Giese is often under-looked and under-appreciated. Jonah has potential to put the entire team on his back at times. Jonah has every throw in the book, match this throwing ability with his top-tier athleticism and he is a nightmare to guard. On the defensive side of the disc, Jonah’s intensity is quite remarkable. Couple all of these attributes with a great sense of character and knowledge of the game and you have the complete player.

Bethel: :Steven Anderson deserves praise for his abilities on and off the ultimate field. Steven has plenty of talent and skills. Not only does he have an amazing ability to lead others, but he has a knack for giving that little extra to go get after it. A Solid player and a fantastic person.

(einkelas) #15

Hey all, Eli of the Karls here. just wanted to chime in with my perspective on some of the top players in the region. Of course, I’m biased towards the players on my team, but I really think this list is a pretty objective take on where the talent is distributed across the North Central. I made an effort to shout out some guys I’ve seen at conferences and regionals these last few years who don’t normally get time in the spotlight!

First team:

Isak Poulsen- Hot Karls. This first-year has the audacity of a handler at least a year older than he is. His composure and maturity with the disc in his hands remind me of a slightly younger Noah Robiner- or at least, what I’ve heard of Noah, since I never saw him play until this year. Absolute lock for first team all-region.

Calvin Reinhardt-Ertman- Hot Karls. What is there left to say about this all-star first-year? Calvin’s play speaks for itself. Only moderately guardable by even the most slightly-above-average defenders in the region, he strikes terror into the hearts of those who are easily scared. No brainer for first team all-region.

Finn Tierney- Hot Karls. Sure, Finn is abroad right now, and sure, he isn’t playing in the series this year as a result, but there is no other player in the region who can turn the disc over 6 times in one point and then defend each and every throw as the right decision once the point ends. His positivity and grit in the face of self-inflicted adversity make him the Kai Marcus of North Central DIII ultimate.

Brendan McCann- Michigan Tech.

Chait Sayani- Hot Karls. #Chaitnation baby!

Andrew Griffin- Hot Karls. Andrew’s ability to recognize poaches and communicate them to whoever has the disc is so well-developed that he frequently does so even when he isn’t being poached. 9 times out of 100, these mind games obliterate Andrew’s defender, leaving him wide open for a huck that eventually sails out of bounds.

Will Thompson- Hot Karls. I’ve bumped Will down to 7th on this list of all-region first team players for only one reason: he’s so humble, he would be so embarrassed to be listed any higher that he’d quit ultimate forever. Nonetheless, he is undeniably more deserving of North Central DIII all-region first team honors than any player outside of the North Central region.

Second Team:

Caleb Rosen- Hot Karls. Ever tried to get open against Caleb? Sorry. Unless you’re Jonah Giese, because you did a pretty ok job (I love you).

Joey Silknitter- Hot Karls. If the North Central were a yearbook, and DIII were the blank pages on either end where people write nice things about each other, and the Northwoods Conference were the top right corner of the second-to-last page in the back right next to a long essay from that one friend who you were close to in 9th grade but have since drifted away from and don’t really mind, Joey would be the short but sweet note telling you to have a great summer, which he wouldn’t realize was just a token thing to say, because he really, genuinely wants you to have a great summer and, hey, you deserve it.

Jacob Flignor- Hot Karls. Proud owner of the FligWagon, a formidable weapon that he carries with him at all times, Jacob makes his presence felt when he steps on the field, on your feet, and on the disc after he blows up an under-cut but loses his balance and causes an equipment timeout while everyone looks around for a replacement disc that doesn’t have noticeable gouge marks from his cleats. Hard to believe this specimen is only a first-year and that he slept in my room as a prospective student but neither of us realized until well into the winter season.

Eli Inkelas- Hot Karls. That’s right, I’m nominating myself. Try and stop me.

David Krakaur- Hot Karls. That’s right, I’m nominating David. Try and stop me.

Iain McCay- Hot Karls. Iain would be first team all-region any other year, but the top-end talent this season means I had to make some tough decisions.

Xavier Xiong- Hot Karls. Xavier’s powerful quads can hang with the best of the best in college ultimate. Only Thomas Williams (I think?), that dude who plays on Darkside and has the thickest legs I’ve ever seen on a high-level ultimate player, has him beat there. Sorry Tom- if you played in our region, maybe I’d have nominated you. But you’ve made your bed; now you have to sleep in it.

Third Team:

Chris Padilla- Hot Karls. Once, Chris was a dear friend of mine there was a fun, fresh joke about Chris playing for the Karls. Then I kept the joke going for far too long, and now it is no longer funny and has driven a wedge between us. I miss you, Chris!

Tom ‘Third team all-region” Patterson- Hot Karls. Despite standing a meager 4’9”, Tom is sneakily the best deep cutter in the region. Though even Nathan Kwon towers over this wilting flower of a man, Tom somehow coerces his defenders into misreading the disc so badly they end up on an adjacent field, allowing him to trot along and make the uncontested grab without breaking a sweat.

Michael Carlsen- Hot Karls. I thought about listing Saul Wildavsky, an unheralded part of GoP’s success in recent years, in here, but then I decided he doesn’t deserve to be on this list at all. Michael is the platonic ideal of an ultimate player, but it was a weird day for Plato and he designed a player who was only good enough to be on the third team all-region.

Ishmael Maxwell- Hot Karls. I am in love with Ish ‘Squish’ Maxwell. Nobody in this region excels in crunch time the way Ish ‘Someone say Ish?’ Maxwell does. With the bases loaded and 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth, down by 1, Ish Maxwell stepped up to the plate and took 3 strikes looking, losing the city championship and ending his little league career. After that disgrace, Ish ‘Mighty Casey’ Maxwell took up ultimate, and has never looked back. Ish also has the rare honor of being the only Karl to be hit on by an opponent during a point this season.

Tim Adler- Hot Karls. Hailing all the way from New Zealand, this ferocious handler defender will make you wonder why the All Blacks were the antagonists in Invictus. I mean, sure, we all love Nelson Mandela, and sure, the South African rugby union side did make a good decision by selecting Matt Damon as their captain. But did you see that dance that the All Blacks did before the game started? Chills every time.

Sam Nozaki- Hot Karls. Hailing all the way from Providence, Rhode Island, this mild-mannered cutter will make you wonder why the All Blacks were the antagonists in Invictus. He’s so into that movie, I swear. He’s taught me so much about cinema and pointed out all sorts of cool things about the movie I would never have noticed without him pointing them out. He once woke up at 6 in the morning just to come over and watch Invictus with me, and if that doesn’t earn you a spot on the North Central DIII all-region third team, I don’t know what does.

Fin Ouweleen- Hot Karls. One of 7 people named Fin(n) to suit up for the Karls in the last two seasons, this one takes home the honors of Most Improved in the Weight Department (MIitWD). The nickname ‘Thin Fin’ doesn’t even really work anymore since he put on 70 pounds of pure muscle over a long weekend last February. Boasting the weirdest flick form in the region, he also boasts the weirdest personality in the region, but is apparently only the 21st-best player in the region- sorry Fin!

Fourth Team:

Ben Hafner- Hot Karls. Captain Collosus himself. No man in the entire North Central can hold a candle to Ben’s pure ability as a thrower. And yet, I put him on the fourth team all-region. No logic behind that decision, sorry y’all.

Sam Stevenson- Hot Karls. This Karl once shaved half of his head and was one of only 3 Karls to be photographed at the 2017 Northwoods conference championship.

Spencer Moore- Hot Karls. O Carleton our Alma Mater, we hail the maize and blue/Thy name is ever dearest, thy children ever true/O Carleton our Alma Mater, for thee we sing our praise/For thee we fight! For thee we pledge the strength of all our days.

Lawrence Lin- Hot Karls. Holy hell we have a lot of players on our roster. Despite learning how to throw long after I did, Lawrence showed me how to throw a flick, and I credit him with teaching me everything I know about ultimate and everything I know about the great state of Minnesota.

David Gallagher- Hot Karls. Dave may not be fast, and he may not be strong, and he may not be a very gifted thrower, and he may not be blessed with a high frisbee IQ, but then again, he may be all of those things.

Ezra Ward-Packard- Hot Karls. While Fin took home the honors in the Most Improved in the Weight Department (MIitWD) category, this year the honor of Most Improved in the Beard Department (MIitBD) goes to Ezra. He even beats out Ish as the most attractive person named Ezra on the team, though just barely. If this were an all-Ezra discussion thread, Ezra W-P would take home first-team honors no question.

Walter Boero- Hot Karls. Every team needs a glue guy. Every glue guy needs glue (how else can he be the glue guy?). Walt is the guy who sells glue to the glue guy. This guy eats, breathes, and lives glue. It oozes out of his pores in place of sweat. Does your team have a glue guy? Walt is what made your glue guy the glue guy he is today.

Fifth Team:

Louis Stein- Hot Karls. Bozubo!

Ben Mellin- Hot Karls. Boy, we’re pretty far down the list. But can I remind you that Ben is still one of the 30 best players in the whole region? That’s amazing! Good work Ben. Your father and I are so proud of you.

Anders Brodnax- Hot Karls. A converted soccer star, Anders is one of the top gratuitous bidders in the whole region. Before converting to ultimate, Anders converted to Judaism, Buddhism, and Rastafarianism, before opening his heart and mind to the gospel of Matt Gouchoe-Hanas. Every Tuesday after our 9-11pm practices, Anders enters a trance, reporting that the Clif bar he eats is the flesh of The Gooch and the lemon-lime Gatorade he partakes of is His blood. We’ve learned not to ask too many questions.

Gavin Young- Hot Karls. Don’t let his name fool you- this veteran Karl is actually named Jonathan. He is Jonathan Nethercutt. We forged all of the documentation and now Nutt plays for us. Oops, secret’s out!

Tim Mikulski- Hot Karls. Jimbo ‘Clonk’ Mikulski caused a minor tremor felt across campus this weekend with a layout he had against Bethel. Sadly he didn’t catch his D, and Bethel retained possession. He then caused a minor tremor in my heart by hand-blocking the dude who caught it. Jimothy ‘The Very Tall Milkman’ Mikulski is the largest person in the entire region, and that’s pretty special.

Silas Monahan- Hot Karls. Silas’ throwing prowess is so universally respected around campus that when Saul Wildavsky asked me why Silas wasn’t playing O-line and I responded “because he can’t throw flicks,” Saul thought I meant that Silas was a bad thrower, not that he had injured his finger and physically could not throw flicks. Bewildered by that sentence? Good. That’s just what trying to contain Silas feels like.

Colby King- Hot Karls. When Charlemagne invented ultimate in the imperial capital city of Aachen in the year of our Lord 811, it was none other than Colby who snuck up behind him, tossed a disc in the air, and roofed the emperor into oblivion. This event is credited as triggering Charlemagne’s descent into madness which dominated the last 3 years of his rule, during which time he could be heard muttering incoherently about dribbling.

That’s all I got! Once again, obviously I have a bit of bias towards the guys I practice with every day. But I made sure to hype up some guys from around the region who don’t normally get the spotlight in these discussions. Hope my input is helpful to everyone when you submit your ballots!

(DavidG) #16

I know I already said I don’t like to talk about my teammates, only to go on and say that Ish is the best looking person to ever play Ultimate, but I need to point out that Eli, in addition to being a literary genius, was too humble to mention that one time at Georgia Southerns he had a really sick layout D. We got it on film and he made me play it for him three times in a row.

(jakemutch5) #18

I also forgot to mention Jonah from Mac. That guy is an incredible player that can go out their for an entire game and still make a difference. We played Mac for our last game of sections and he was always on the field, always making an impact, and always moving after a long hot weekend. On top of all that he had a bad ankle.

(UltimateFanatic5) #19

Just wanted to highlight some players from the West plains conference since we’re a little underrepresented at the moment. Obviously only 1 bid from this sections so it’s a little tough to assess the talent comparatively on some of the teams that didn’t qualify.

Drake has a few players worth mentioning, #42 is a very solid player for them who could squeeze into the second team as well as #11

Luther is a really impressive team to watch this year and are very very good even without being at full strength much this year.
Chad Messerich has been mentioned on here a bunch and rightfully so. Only a sophomore (?) and this kid is already the real deal. Should be in consideration for POTY and be talked about as one of the top 15 players in the nation for d3 behind Saul, drew, and Brendan. Very athletic for a handler and really great all around player with some of the best throws I’ve seen, has every throw in the book. Matt Deetz also should get some recognition out of Luther. Their best cutter and probably second best player behind Chad M. Does a lot for them offensively and seems to always winds up on the ends of a throw for a score. Extremely quick and effective as a cutter these two LUFDA guys make playing against Luther’s D line a nightmare and will score on their first opportunity every time they get the disc. These two have stood out for LUFDA every game all year.

(BendyWendyW) #20

How dare you not mention The Worminator. He has done more for this region than you’ll ever know. He single-handedly gave Iowa State and Wisconsin The key to destroying Carleton. If you put him on your all-region team he will grant you these powers as well.

(OneEighth) #21

I would like to nominate a few guys from Macalester who really stood out this season and did a great job for the team.

The first is Jonah Giese who, as the team’s captain, was an outstanding two way player who did a number to any defense that came his way. He should be a legitimate Callahan contender this year.

Second, I would like to nominate for the all Freshman team Theodore Fasciano whose physical presence on-field was made known the moment he stepped on. Playing tight defense and aggressive offense, he developed, much like Giese, into a very adept two way player. He should be considered for any all-Freshman list that is made representing the North Central region.