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All-Region 2024: Southeast (D-I Men’s)

Who are the best players in the Southeast region? This is an open thread to discuss All-Region nominations, All-Freshman nominations, coaching awards, and more. Stay positive and keep it civil.


Mississippi State - Drew Laird - Walking highlight reel, leads team +/- by a factor of 3 or 4. Defensive menace, with the throws and cuts to back it up.

Freshman - Madison Glidewell - Plays like he was born with a disc in hand.

Freshman - Noah Probst - Lethal in the air, one of the toughest and smartest defenders on the team, despite his relative newness to the game.

UAH - will probably dominate this list (as they should), so I’ll leave their own nominations to them.

Auburn - Luke Thomas - continues to run the offense and makes plays on defense to prop Auburn up as well.

John Michael Williamson - One of the better hybrids in the Region, able to cut and handle at a high level.

Alabama - Freshman - Ben Forton - A force to be reckoned with in the handler and deep space. One of Alabama’s best players as a Freshman, look to see him in many highlight clips in the future.

UTC - Jared Beazley - one of, if not the most, gritty players I have ever seen. He lays it all on the line every time he plays, I have not seen him give up on the field ever, leading to plays that no one but him could be making. Defensive clamps and a release valve on offense will do that for you.

Braden Beebe - plays like he this is a 9-5 and he’s only a Sophomore. Physical field presence allows him to play like he’s 8’5, and handles smoothly as well.

Georgia - See UAH :point_up_2:

(Bias - MSU)

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Ben Forton is a beast. I wish he would have stayed in Huntsville and played with the Nightmares.

Isaiah, Poe, and Fleming from UAH are super good and fun to play with. I am sure the team will highlight some others.


Jared Beazley #3 UTC

I want to brag on my co-captain Jared Beazley. Echoing Archer, he is the grittiest player I’ve ever been on the same field with. Otherworldly bids, stamina for days, clamps on any matchup he gets, and an every other thrower, he is irreplaceable for our defensive unit. This spring, Jared leads our team’s +/- (56), goals (26), D’s (20), and points played (234). He is second on the team with assists (39). He does all this from a d line handler position. His play speaks for itself. He leaves everything on the field and puts his body on the line for his team no matter what, and our team leans on him heavily for his playmaking ability. If you’ve never seen him play, you’re simply missing out. It’s electric.

(UTC bias)

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UT Knoxville- I have not seen UT play this spring, but I’ve heard that Marshall Hodges is carrying their goal scoring. He seems to be doing a lot of the heavy lifting for their offense

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Kenni Taylor: Kenni is always a joy to watch for this year’s Nightmare team! He is always active in the handler spot and on defense!

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Georgia State Coach here. I am going to give some love to our Seniors, as I know they typically aren’t mentioned in threads like this, but they should be!

It’s likely gone underrated in the region, but GSU has now qualified for Regionals 4 years in a row, which is a huge jump from where the program was in the 2010’s, and these guys have played a huge part.

#21 - Jaden Medley-Fowlkes. Anyone who plays against us knows who Jaden is. Certainly one of the most athletic players in the Region (and likely the country), Jaden is constantly making huge plays on both offense and defense. We switched Jaden over to O-line last season, and it’s made a huge difference in improving our offense and generating more holds.

#52 - Harrison Briggs. Harri is our most passionate player (#passion) and has been an integral part of our D-line the past few seasons. Harri has always been a strong thrower and cutter since his YCC days, but the biggest jump in the past few seasons has been his physicality on defense. We will typically give Harri the toughest matchup on defense and he will do a great job of locking up whoever he is guarding.

#16 - Tanjid “Jeed” Matul. Out of all of our key pieces - Jeed has likely made the biggest jump in his game over the past few seasons. He’s been a stalwart on our D-line the past two years and is an incredible handler defender. While typically one of the smallest players on the field, Jeed will play like he’s 6’5 and will go make plays all over the field.

Our very strong junior class that’s going to keep this program at a high-level the next few seasons includes Max Lopez (just made Atlanta Hustle), Lee Phan, Spencer Pennington, and Eric Frega. These 4 guys plus some of our very talented underclassmen and incoming rookie class means GSU will continue to be a factor in the SE Region going forward.

UGA Player here. We haven’t played many in-region teams this year but will try and hit the top guys that I know. I firmly believe that this whole list could consist only of Jojah (and UAH) guys but I digress. I will be excluding Downey, myself (Adam Miller) and Whitley because we get glazed enough by Ultiworld as it is.

UGA Unsung heroes

Jake Powell: An absolute stud on offense, Jake has really stepped into a huge role on this team with ease. He has some of the best deep throws in the country while maintaining his status as a dynamic cutter. Throw in one of the deepest throwing arsenals in the division and he is a matchup nightmare.

Cole Chanler: He’s been a top 10 deep receiver in the country for years now, but this season he has really showed how deep his bag really is. He can slot seamlessly into the handler set and is liable to unleash a deep throw with his patented flick huck. This is all with being one of the most underrated defenders in the division.

Jack Krugler: Transitioning from the Oline this year, Krug has stepped up to become maybe the best defender on the team and perhaps even the country. He is constantly tasked with guarding the opposing team’s best players and consistently limits their contribution to the game. He is a nightmare on the turn, slashing through cutting lanes, releasing flick bombs like it’s nothing while also being a terror in the handler set. He’s a player that every coach wishes they had.

Other Guys From Around the Division

Georgia Tech: Adam Grossberg is as good as his name suggests. One of the most athletic players in the division. Will be a star for years to come. Neil Berry is also very important to their success.

UAH: Kenni Taylor III (a.k.a K-Dot) is a do-it-all player for this team. He plays with swagger and looks good doing it. Jonathan Silivant (a.k.a Silly) is a matchup nightmare. He embodies the athletes that UAH has been producing for years while also having a really complete game. I don’t know much about James Poe, but he is a problem for any team he faces. Bradley Fleming is also a dawg who is crucial too their success.

Georgia State: I have to shoutout my boy Jaden Medley-Fowlkes. He is a dawg on a scrappy Underground team. He is guaranteed to either sky your entire team, layout D your best player, or smack-talk you and your extended family. Harrison Briggs and Max Lopez are also some gunslingers.

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UAH player here. I am the worst person at keeping track of people that we’ve played against and only know my teammate’s names so I will start the UAH mentions. It’s hard not to go crazy for every player on the team so sorry this is going to be long-winded.

Defense: Johnathan Sillivant, Brian Bekken, Cal Diercks.

The three mentioned are by far the soul of UAH Defense. Jonathan is an outstanding leader and teammate on and off the field and has such a firm grasp of what he and his teammates need to do to succeed. Brian Bekken is a second-year player who has gotten so much better in just one off-season. The combination of Brian, Cal, and Silly as handlers is super fun to watch from the sideline. Brian is a captain for the Nightmares this year and I have confidence they will be in good hands with him at the reigns after this season. And we all love Cal. He is the biggest man out there. Every tournament people ask how is this guy still eligible to play and I’m pretty sure he has more miles in the air than on the ground this year from how much this guy lays out.

Others who definitely deserve love on defense are the Bong brothers Riley and Colby and Mr. Frisketball himself Conner Lough. The Bong brothers are key role players in this defense and can move the disk like they belong on the O-line. Connor Lough is fast, tall, and will dunk on your face 9/10 times. Another player who has grown a lot since last year and is a big playmaker on defense.

Offense: Isaiah Mason, Michael Poe, Dominic Kenyon

The Isaiah to Poe connection is like poetry in motion. The range from Michael and the hands from Isaiah are such a good combination. Isaiah Mason is another UAH captain who puts in countless hours outside of practice to make sure everyone is able to play at their best while he’s maintaining his own level of excellence. Michael Poe should be the USAU breakout player of the year. Dude is cracked. An athletic monster with throws that seem to have unlimited range. If you’re from the SE you probably already know who he is because he’s a great guy and is in every UAH highlight video 20 million times. Two easy picks for all region in the southeast. Dominic Kenyon is a more unknown player for UAH because he is a silent killer. He’s one of the fastest people on the team and has amazing spatial awareness on offense and defense. He is almost impossible to guard and he’s great at producing heads-up Ds when the offense turns the disk.

The hype train behind Kenni Taylor cannot be ignored either. Without the personal connection between Bradley Fleming and Kenni Taylor UAH might not be where they are today sitting at 12th in college rankings at the end of the regular season. Bradley Fleming was UAHs Callahan Nominee last year and decided to give college one more season this year. He’s an expert cutter, a sure-handed thrower, and extremely explosive on defense. So much of what UAH has learned has come from his efforts in teaching and bringing his teammates up with him for the past 5 years.
The last thing I’ll say is…Kenni Taylor sucks at frisbee. That’s why every defense we play knows who he is and calls his name and not his number on the line. no one else on UAH has to deal with that and it’s a huge weight to carry vs what UAH is used to. He is shifty, a great thrower, and a better teammate. If Kenni and Bradley are not on this list then it’s a sham and whoever voted hasn’t watched a single game of Ultimate before.


Since we are all just glazing our own teams here, let me hop on the train. Got 3 players from Alabama that need a shoutout.

#5 Steven Ladenberger is one of the best pure throwers in the region. Anytime there needs to be a bailout, the dude can throw anybody open. Cutting for this man is a breeze because you only need about an inch of separation for him to drop it in the bucket.

#12 Jeffrey Martin causes problems for any defense. Love cutting off this guy every game cause he’s drawing the best match ups and still roofing kids. I’ve seen teams have meltdowns trying to game plan for this guy.

#4 Ben Anderson might be the hardest working man in all of college ultimate. Unlimited gas tank mixed with a passion for the game I have never seen before. Heart and soul of a D line that has bailed out our O line on more than one occasion. He will seek out your best player, lock them up, and look really good while doing it.

Just some more gulf coast love while I’m here.

#12 Daniel Carter - LSU (I could be wrong on the name I just know he’s #12) Tall, lanky, and poised with the disc at all times. Will break your mark without breaking a sweat. Will make you contemplating what it means to actually play defense. All in all, the guy is a problem.


Alabama captain here. Gonna shout out some of the players from our team that I think deserve some recognition and then move around the division to some of the players we’ve played or seen this season. Keeping it to one player per team to spread the love a little.

Jeffrey Martin - Dynamic athlete who makes his presence felt on both offense and defense. Fantastic in the air and using his speed to stretch the field. Defensively can cross over and take the toughest matchup on the other team.

Ben Anderson - Sets the tone for the team with his work ethic. Spends all point taking the opposing team’s best handler, then turns around and is a motor cutter on offense.

Garrett Murphy - Shifty and quick cutter who has single-handedly won us multiple games this year. Is a nightmare for other teams to deal with on set plays and finds space extremely well. Just throw the disc to an open area and he will get to it.

Ben Forton - Freshman of the year and it’s not close. Takes on a huge role initiating the offense and is just as comfortable with the disc in his hands as he is cutting for it. Will be a problem in the division for years to come.

Now around the Region:

UTC - Braden Beebe - was a nightmare to try and defend. Too big and physical for the small defenders. Too smooth and agile for the bigger defenders. Had no problem taking what he was given and then beating you with it.

UAH - Brad Flemming - There is a ton of talent on this team which is evident by their success this season, but the best overall player on their team is Flemming. He may not play the flashiest style of ultimate but he’s as consistent as they come. Runs their offense and never puts the disc in danger while always being open. Then if you see him cross over to D, which is fairly often, just prepare to run your offense through someone else because whoever he’s guarding won’t touch the disc.

LSU - Daniel Carter - is the key to their offense. Easily is able to move the disc to the breakside with his smooth throws. Uses his lankiness well to avoid any mark and is great at getting the disc back. Hard to imagine what their O would look like without him there.

Georgia - Adam Miller - Have never gotten to play Georgia, but every time I watch them it’s hard to ignore the presence Miller has on the field both offensively and defensively. He’s all over either quarterbacking the offense or being a pest marking the other side’s center handler. Just seems like a terror to deal with during a game.

Miss State - Drew Laird - Believe he played every single point against us. Unreal motor and was constantly involved. Demanded a ton of attention when on offense, and was sometimes the only thing keeping the Dline offense afloat by going every other. Hard to deal with for sure


#12 Daniel Carter O-line handler here at LSU. First I’d like to shout out some of my teammates and then spread out across the region to guys I’ve personally faced who I think deserve some recognition.


#11 Collin Casseri - all around the ultimate 2-way player. Whether he’s on offense/defense, cutting/guarding, deep/under, what have you… he’s likely the one coming away with the disc. Puts his body on the line at all times going to make a play. Frisbee IQ is off the charts. Lives and breathes it.

#1 Ryan Ripley - if you’re looking for an elite ball hawk free safety in the NFL, you can find him right here. This dude is a nightmare for opposing defenses when the disc is in the air. Will track it down and swat it so far you’d see resemblance of Zion Williamson. Makes opposing teams think twice before testing him.

#4 Hobbs McAllister - one of the best D-line iso cutters I think I’ve ever seen. Shifty as they come and packages it with solid throws. Puts opposing defends in a blender consistently. His love for the game is unmatched and is always looking for ways to perfect his craft.

All 3 of these guys have the motor to play every single point of every game of every tournament. Unreal grit and will to win from these studs.

Lastly, a shoutout to one of our most improved players:

#8 Kade Canizaro - last year was almost just another D-line body and now has become a very reliable defender who is willing to go out and guard whoever on the opposing team and give them hell. Progression and maturity with the disc has skyrocketed. Contests just about anything sent his way.


#24 Garret Murphy - one of the most athletic players I’ve seen in Ultimate, especially for his size. Quick, twitchy, and has just about everything in his bag. Walking highlight reel and super fun to watch (especially when you don’t have to play him.) Overall great player.

#12 Jeffrey Martin - definition of a deep threat. The Tyreek Hill of college Ultimate. An intricate part of Bama’s O-line.

#4 Ben Anderson - Not much of a talker during the game, dude stays locked in. One of the best handler defenders I’ve seen in our region. Makes my job difficult to say the least. Simply put, he’s a dawg.

#5 Steven Ladenberger - Garret Murphy said it best, Steven is one of the best pure throwers in the region. Very calm with the disc and throws are as clean as they get. The best word to describe his game is just accuracy.


#12 Jonathan Holliday - been at Auburn for a while and has continued to be a very fundamentally sound player. Moving from cutter to handler over the past few seasons he’s facilitated Auburn’s offense with poise and authority. Fun playing against him every year.


#10 Joseph Sucgang - hard to imagine what UAB’s offensive flow would be like without him. He’s Mr. Every-Other. Super crisp throws with fast and twitchy cuts. Makes guarding him the opposite of fun but I enjoy the challenge.


#9 Kenni Taylor - one of the twitchiest and shiftiest handlers I’ve seen in college Ultimate. Insane change of direction making it nearly impossible to keep up with. As soon as you catch up in speed he changes direction. Throws are money too.


#33 Drew Laird - I’ve been playing against this man since HS and he’s only put his athleticism on further display each season. Has me hesitating throwing deep and gives the opposing team’s cutters problems trying to get open. Very good player.

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Auburn: Ty Riemer freshman of the year. That dude will lay down clamps on any of these bozos y’all are hyping up. Ask Jarrett Swanson and Kenni Taylor they’ll tell you he’s a dawg. I ain’t never seen Ben Forton play but if we play Bama at regionals I’ll volunteer Ty to guard him and we’ll see who the better freshman is.

Ultiworld gonna have a hard time picking 7 all-region athletes when all of you are just naming 40 of your own teammates. I play for Auburn and Ty is the only teammate I’ll talk about. So here you go:

Georgia: Aidan, Adam, and Scott. Aidan and Adam already got this award like twice do they really need it again!???

UAH: Kenni and Bradley. Sure they got like 10 people who are good enough but that’s lame so just pick those two and call it a day.

Georgia Tech: Adam Grossberg is good enough to win the Callahan so obviously he should be on this list.

Miss State: Drew Laird

Tulane: Tulane has a guy that I think is good enough. But he threatened to kill one of my teammates mid game. So ima just leave him out of my list.

Tennessee: Sam Good

Alabama: Jeff Martin

There are probably really good players on other teams but these are the ones I know of.

Anonymous MSU player here. One guy I wanna shout out is #24 Garrett August Murphy. Wearing the number of Kobe Bean, not sure who is wearing in honor of who, kid flies around the field dragging his balls everywhere he goes. One time I literally saw him layout, let a nut slip, then make out with our captain’s girlfriend. If I had to describe him in two words- the Lil’ Mac of college ultimate. Side b side b side b kid is ruthless in the deep space and attacking the front cone. kid also doesn’t stfu which made me wanna write this. Not a guy you wanna play against, but goes to war for his teammates.

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Id like to nominate the likes of Garrett Murphy #24 from Alabama. While I do not play in the Southeast Region, I have enjoyed the privilege of having access to Yellowhammer match film and boy I don’t know where to start. Garrett is a small, agile cutter that will dust your team’s best defender then hit you with an outrageous emote. If you cannot handle Garrett you will not win the match. He is a driving force for their offense and will get his buckets every game. Overall, Garrett’s build is very underrated in this current meta, with high speed and agility statistics he is going to constantly win footraces. His build also allows him to make effortless layouts and come up with catches no other brawler can. He is able to counter many other solid builds in the current meta as well. Id sit him right at the top of A tier, and also making my Southeast All-Region list.

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I’m a year out of college but I still coach and watch a ton of SE fris. My all region 7 in no order would be:

Aidan Downey- fantastic player, deserves all the hype!

Adam Miller- ^^

Scott Whitley- Jojah is #2 this year for a reason and I think they deserve 3 spots for All region players for that reason and it’s tough to choose between their fantastic depth. But Scott leveled up his game this year particularly offensively, with quick movement Jojah crushes teams and the defense from Scott cannot be overshadowed, he gets some insane clips.


Adam Grossberg- an electric player a lot of fun to watch, should make it easily.


Bradley Fleming- great defender, make the offense run. Should be easily on the list for his contributions to this breakout team.

Kenni Taylor- Kenni elevates this group with experience, a great vibe, and crazy layout Ds. He is for me the reason UAH made the jump this year to get that second bid.


Logan Diehl: A fantastic cutter that is not getting enough love at all! An explosive athlete and a cheat code for any offense as he will simply roof your best deep defender. He’s the release valve for this team and he’s also a guy who defends the best player on an opposing team with ease. I have Florida bias but Logan is amazing and deserves this spot.

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Kenni Taylor: Could easily be in the All-American discussion. Has put UAH over the top as a national presence. Can excel wherever on the field and either side of the disc

Brad Flemming: Carries a large world load playing both sides of the disc. Great offensive quarterback who really makes a mark work to avoid getting broken.

Georgia -

Aidan Downey: One of the craziest bags in the country, but will make you look silly if you assume he’s no more than his throws. Makes a lot of what he does look effortless

Adam Miller: Just a workhorse. The posterchild and best example of a team that prides themselves on being Dawgs. Georgia goes as he does and unfortunately for other teams, that’s pretty much all the time.

Georgia Tech -

Adam Grossberg: Freak athlete who plays way above his age on the field. If you’re matched up with him then you’ll likely be on a highlight reel in the near future. Insanely hard player to deal with.

Alabama -

Steven Ladenberger: Underrated because the team he’s on. Half of their O points last 10 seconds because of his hucking ability. Poaching and zones are pointless because he’s just gonna throw a blade to an open guy.

Auburn -

Luke Thomas:

Heart and soul of a solid Auburn team. Seems to find another gear in the big games they play and is willing to take that extra step for his teams to succeed


I don’t know of any. Convinced this region is solely 5th and 6th year players


UAH - don’t know their two coaches names but they have done a great job helping that the team compete on a national stage against some stout competition this year.

To preface: I am a 2 year coach for Emory Juice & this post will largely be focused on our players who were instrumental in a long run through the back door bracket.

Emory Juice All-Region Nominations

Jason Evans - Over our 6 games this weekend, Jason led our team with +/- of +36, including 6 & 7 goal performances against Mississippi State & Florida respectively. He ended the weekend with 6 layout D’s, 4 handblocks, & only lost one jumpball which came down in the hands of his own teammate (freshman Ricky Davis #16). Jason consistently led with his voice on the sideline & was never seen without a smile on his face.

Ammon Longenecker - Coming off SE Rookie of the year honorable mention, Ammon followed up with an incredible sophomore campaign. Ammon led Emory Juice this year in total +/- and had a +/- of +30 at regionals this past weekend. Ammon had 5 goal games against Alabama & Florida State & posted 7 assists against Florida in our biggest upset win of the weekend. Ammon is a formidable threat in the deep space & crosses over to play deep-deep in zones often.

Ki Greene - After earning a shout out in Ultiworld’s article for players to watch in the SE, Ki lived up to the hype. Ki primarily played defense & consistently took opponents’ best players, regardless of their role as a cutter or handler. On turnovers, Ki would initiate for the D-line & proceeded to go every other past half field on most-break opportunities, often generating quite positive results. His pulls put other teams in the back of their endzone & he finished the weekend +16 in +/-. Ki was Juice’s most vocal leader, heart of the team, & has a strong record as a club player too.

Southeast Freshman of the Year

Kai Diez - Kai was Juice’s starting O-line reset handler & had a stretch of 11 games between EQ & ACO this past year where he did not have a single turnover. He runs our system effortlessly, breaks marks with ease, & would often crossover to play as the the primary defender in one of our more complex schemes.

Non-Juice All-Region Nominations

  • Adam Grossberg (Georgia Tech)
  • Jake Powell (Georgia)
  • Logan Diehl (Florida)
  • Luke Thomas (Auburn)
  • Jared Beazley (UTC)
  • Ben Anderson (Alabama)

As this is my final year I think it’s time for me to finally give my recollection on the players I think have stood out in the southeast. (Ignoring Jojah and UAH since they have been talked about more than the names imma say).

First off, on FSU. These next two guys deserve all accolades and more.

Clayton Partlow -
You can’t not give this guy the disc. Seriously, you can’t. You can’t stop him from getting open. The number of times where I have been frustrated upfield and Clayton just gets open is too many to count. Never fails to make a layout grab, throw a dime, and then get on D line to snag himself a layout D as well. One of the most athletic players I’ve played with, although he doesn’t look it, not afraid to just get into the dirt no matter what, and a head for the game that enables him to get anyone out of a jam.

Oscar Patterson -
Has the ability to see the open person on the field and place the disc in their hands no matter what. Ask Tribe how many times he threw a no look scoober over their zone. Upwind, downwind, crosswind, he can just seemingly get the disc and deliver it into the hands of someone whether they are open or not. Surprisingly quick too, when forced on D line he still played defense against people much faster than him (all of which he then locked down. One of the best handlers I’ve ever had the honor to play with.

Bradley Paul -
This guy single handedly held together UCF’s d line at times it seemed. Had really good heads up awareness and made plays from anywhere on the field, backside and frontside. Once he got the disc, he also facilitated and led the Dogs of War to many break opportunities just by himself. Sad to see him go, was an honor to watch him play.

Alex/Cam -
Both really good throwers and really good players, solid handlers who I’m sad I havent seen more of on these lists. They take what you give them and then some.

Luke Alexander -
The past few years I’ve watched him play and he’s been a menace on O line. This year at regionals he decided to play defense, and destroyed. He’s an athletic player who can go deep on offense and sky someone, then make an insane play on defense. Repeat that format for 28 straight points.

It’s been said enough, but Jared Beazley is pretty good at this frisbee thing. Sucks he couldn’t play at regionals, but he’s an honor to play against. Shifty player who puts his body on the line.


UCF captain here. I wanted to take the time to shout out some of the guys I’ve been lucky enough to play with the past couple years who I believe are some of the best in the region. As well as name a few other players, I believe are worthy of recognition. I’m only able to speak about players who I’ve played against, so I apologize if I miss anyone. Also the Georgia and UAH candidates are obvious and a tad gratuitous.

Wazan Hoshino-
Arguably the best athlete in the region as well as being one of the best players I’ve played with. If anyone played UCF this year, you know, the short guy is very fast. On top of speed, he also has top tier throws (his hammers are insane) and plays impressive lockdown defense. Nobody wants to win every single game more than Waz and it clearly shows.

Cameron Genest-
The center O line handler on Dogs this year and he was worthy of it. Great throws, high frisbee IQ, and a fearlessness of the field. He was versatile on the offensive side, whether it was cutting deep from the dump or being dominant with the disc, he is a known force that teams need to keep an eye out for as he progresses with his career.

Ethan Phillips-
One of my Co-captains and a total iron man. Dude played 800 billion points this season, and then some. Was able to play both ways whenever asked, and was effectively the best handler defender on the team. With all the skills mentioned previously to go with his athletic ability. He also become a leader on and off the field, and was really fun to watch him play this year.

Alex Nelson-
Probably one of the most talented players in the region the last few years, and it’s really a shame he’s not more well known. Dominant on offense and effective on defense. I’d be a rich man if I had a dollar for every expletive reaction I heard from the other team when he rips off some incredible throw.

UCF coaching: GOATS nuff said. Thanks for dealing with us Cox and Kyle.

Region picks: I’m gonna rapid fire these to save everyone some time.

August Specht-
Absolute pyscho nut, and an incredible player. He has one of the most electric and entertaining play styles I’ve been able to watch. Would be a tragedy if left off the list.

Clayton Partlow-
Underrated. In my opinion, one of the best cutters in the region. The guy is someone who uses all 100% of his brain and is an impossible matchup to cover. Sneaky pizza boxes too, don’t try to sky this dude.

Oscar Patterson-
I almost don’t wanna write this because he got me skied at sectionals but I’ll grow up. An incredibly effective and smart handler who can play both ways with ease. Not everyone uses their intuition like him and it’s impressive to matchup against.

Now I believe #5/#12 (Luke Thomas is one maybe?) are who I’m thinking about (I’m sorry Idk names, but if an Auburn person can help clarify I’d appreciate it.)-
These Two in particular were dominant in our game against them and seemingly spent the season playing at the same high level. Planned for and got beat by them. GG. also 4th & 31 happened.

Miss ST-
#33 on Darkhorse made his presence felt throughout the whole game at regionals.

Logan Diehl-
Impactful cutter who I’m surprised isn’t on this list more. Really just a solid all around player.

Idk anyone else, cheers.

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