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Mixed Club Team Opportunities 2016

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This topic is exclusively for cataloging as many team opportunities in this division as possible. It is community-editable (aka wiki) for all forum members with trust level 1 or higher.

Please restrict the information listed for each team to the following template:

  • Team Name; City, State; website.com; Last Year’s Club Series Finish (Nationals or Regionals only)

If you wish to publish additional information about a team, you may do so in a reply to this topic thread. We hope that this proves to be a valuable resource for all who want to compete in the 2016 USAU Club Series.

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Love Tractor (South Central Mixed Nationals Qualifier) has tryouts coming up soon, details are available on the website. http://www.lovetractorultimate.com/

LT Twitter: https://twitter.com/love_tractor

Southwest Region/Nor Cal Sectionals:
Alchemy Ultimate; San Francisco, CA; https://www.facebook.com/alchemyultimate/; Regionals #12

Public Enemy in the Texas section has tryouts coming up. More info available at https://www.facebook.com/ultimatepublicenemy/?fref=ts

PE Snapchat: publicenemyulti

Risky Business in Texas has tryouts coming up as well. More info available at https://www.facebook.com/RiskyBusinessUltimate/?fref=ts

Apparently as a first time user I’m only allowed to post two links. So no links to their twitters or intsagrams.

American Hyperbole
Mid-Atlantic Region, Capitol Section
American Hyperbole; Baltimore, MD; https://www.facebook.com/AmericanHyperbole/; Regionals #9

North Central Region / Northwest Plains Section:

3 mixed club teams in Madison WI will host joint tryouts on 4/30 and 5/8.

Mad Udderburn - https://twitter.com/mad_udderburn - Regionals #11
Boomtown Pandas - https://twitter.com/BoomtownPandas - Regionals #15
Team Rocket - twitter @TeamRocketUlti (2 link limit) - Sectionals #17

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Southwest Region / Socal Section

Hosting a combine (together) 5/1, with separate tryout dates.

Rubix; Phoenix, AZ; https://twitter.com/ultimate_rubix; Regionals #13

Project Heisenberg (new Mixed team - combination of Del Sol, Remedy, and Ozone); Phoenix, AZ; http://vots.org/vots/clubteams.shtml#heisen; No Previous Finish